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(Ryan Miller of) Guster Indie, Alternative, Pop
(sic)Rock(802) 660-8200Champlain Valley
}hexdump{Post-IndustrialChamplain Valley
1000 Frames Punk/Alternative(802) 473-8581Northeast Kingdom
3rd RailClassic/Hard Rock(802) 674-4114Southeast VT
4 Hot MinutesRock, Funk, Punk RockChamplain Valley
4INAlternativeChamplain Valley
8084Rock(802) 899-1100Champlain Valley
A Fly AllusionHip-Hop, Funk and SoulCentral VT
A House on FireRockChamplain Valley
A Snake In The GardenHarsh Noise/Industrial(508) 353-6821Champlain Valley
A.Y.N.I.Ambiant Space RockChamplain Valley
A2VTAfroPop, African Hip Hop(802) 399-2589Champlain Valley
Aaron FlinnRock(802) 425-3064Champlain Valley
Abair Family of Vermont, TheIndie(802) 863-4030Champlain Valley
Abbie MorinAlternative Folk(603) 393-8982Champlain Valley
Abby Jenne and The EnablersSinger-Songwriter(802) 279-0669Central VT
AbstractivveEDM/HouseCentral VT
Acid Roach MetalChamplain Valley
Adam FrehmSolo/Sideman (dobro/lap steel/guitar)
(802) 999-7642Champlain Valley
Adam ReczekAlternativeNortheast Kingdom
Adlai WaxmanJazz, Folk, Roots, Pop, Rock, WorldChamplain Valley
Adriana ChobotSinger-SongwriterChamplain Valley
Aerolites, TheRock(802) 373-3977Champlain Valley
Agent 802RockChamplain Valley
Agent SlackerHip-HopChamplain Valley
AhabPsychedelic FunkNortheast Kingdom
Al TeodosioJazzChamplain Valley
Alexandria HeatherAlternative, Experimental, Mumbo(802) 552-8111Central VT
AlgorhythmsPsychedelic RapChamplain Valley
Alicia PhelpsJazz Vocalist(802) 318-2319Champlain Valley
AliTSinger-Songwriter, Alternative, Indie PopCentral VT
Alive and WellHardcoreChamplain Valley
Allison MannJazz Vocalist(802) 223-4712Central VT
AlpenglowIndie-folkChamplain Valley
AmadisMetalChamplain Valley
Amber DeLaurentisalt country, indie, piano rock(802) 878-3721Champlain Valley
Amelia DevoidElectonicaChamplain Valley
Amida Bourbon ProjectSinger-Songwriter, Folk Rock(802) 578-4103Champlain Valley
Amidons, TheFolk: Children's Folk(802) 257-1006Southeast VT
Ana D'leonSinger-Songwriter(802) 473-8873Northeast Kingdom
AnachronistRockCentral VT
Anais MitchellSinger-SongwriterCentral VT
Anders ParkerSinger-SongwriterChamplain Valley
Andy Harrington BandRock(802) 484-5550Central VT
Andy LugoAcoustic Rock/Alt Hip-Hop/Reggae(802) 324-5846Champlain Valley
Apartment 3Punkadelic(201) 563-1486Champlain Valley
April Patterson ClemensAlt-FolkChamplain Valley
Aquatic UndergroundHouseChamplain Valley
Aram BedrosianInstrumentalChamplain Valley
Area 51RockCentral VT
Arison CainRock(315) 408-9659Champlain Valley
Art HerttuaJazz/Funk(802) 434-4245Champlain Valley
As We WereHardcore Punk(802) 881-9376Champlain Valley
ASTROCATAlternative RockChamplain Valley
Atlantic EffectRock n' Soul(603) 558-4255Champlain Valley
Atlantic VeilRock and RollCentral VT
AudiojournalCountry Rock(802) 878-0989Champlain Valley
Audrey BernsteinJazz(323) 252-5292Central VT
Aura ShardsFusion, World, Experimental, New AgeSoutheast VT
Ausable KillingsExperimental, MetalCentral VT
AxiomaticFolk, Americana, Singer-Songwriter, New RootsChamplain Valley
Aztext, TheHip HopChamplain Valley
Bad AccentWorld Folk Rock MusicChamplain Valley
Bad SmellElectro-Ambient-Trance-Drum'n'BassChamplain Valley
badweatherfriendElectronic RockSoutheast VT
Ballads by VT poet G. A. LeddyPoetry/Storytelling(802) 863-4030Champlain Valley
Banana SchlitzJam BandChamplain Valley
Band Drew, TheFolk(860) 271-1977Northeast Kingdom
BandAnnaRhythm and BluesChamplain Valley
Bar None the BestHip HopCentral VT
BarbacoaSurf RockChamplain Valley
Barbie N BonesRock/Dance/Party802-782-0914Champlain Valley
BardelaAmericana, Blues(802) 363-0963
BarikaIndieChamplain Valley
BarishiGritty Progressive Metal/BungSoutheast VT
Barry Hayesclassic & folk rock(802) 793-4017Northeast Kingdom
Bayou XLouisiana Cajun/CreoleSoutheast VT
Be AggresivePunkCentral VT
BearquariumAfro-Rock/SoulChamplain Valley
Beerworth Sisters, TheFolk RockChamplain Valley
Beg Steal or BorrowBluegrass(802) 730-2596
Ben Slotnick Bluegrass/Traditional FolkChamplain Valley
Bessette QuartetJazz
Bethany ConnerAcoustic(802) 662-0877Champlain Valley
Better ThingsAlternative/PunkChamplain Valley
Bidi DworkinJazz Vocalist(802) 824-5064
Big Bang Bhangra Brass Band, TheBhangra/World Music/Jazz/Funk
Big Boots DevilleRock(802) 863-1570Champlain Valley
Big Hat No CattleWestern/CountryCentral VT
Big Spike BluegrassBluegrass(802) 644-2233
Bill BrinkBlues / jugband / BluegrassCentral VT
Billy BratcherAlternativeChamplain Valley
Billy WylderBluesChamplain Valley
BingerPsychedelic Prog-HopChamplain Valley
BisonNomadic Disco Punk(973) 901 4986Champlain Valley
Black RabbitPunkChamplain Valley
BlackbirdCeltic(802) 747-8664/(802)763-8004Champlain Valley
Champlain Valley
Blind Continuum, TheAlternative RapChamplain Valley
Blue ButtonRockChamplain Valley
Blue Fox & The Rockin DaddysBlues(802) 229-4022Central VT
Bluegrass Gospel ProjectBluegrass(802) 223-6977Champlain Valley
BlueRoad CrossingAmericana(802) 274-1707Northeast Kingdom
Blues and LasersBlues/RockChamplain Valley
Blues For BreakfastBlues(802) 434-4947Champlain Valley
BMC ProductionsChristian RapCentral VT
Bob & The TrubadorsFolk/Rock/Blues(802) 249-1107Central VT
Bob AmosTraditionalNortheast Kingdom
Bob DevinsCountry/Folk/BluesChamplain Valley
Bob Mackenzie BandBlues, Jump, SwingChamplain Valley
Bob WagnerIndie/ FolkChamplain Valley
Bob YoungAcoustic(802) 338-8495Champlain Valley
Boil The WhoreMelodic Death Metal/Metalcore(802) 877-2473Champlain Valley
Bonnets, ThePunk "Punkadelic"Northeast Kingdom
Bonnie KlimowskiClassical(802) 849-6900Champlain Valley
BoomslangHip-HopCentral VT
Bostjan ZupancicMicro Metal(802) 473 0953Northeast Kingdom
Bounce Lab, TheEDMChamplain Valley
Bow ThayerMountain Soul(213) 327-8291Champlain Valley
BramblewoodBluegrass/Folk/Country(802) 224-9066Central VT
Brave The VertigoProgressive Rock(202) 492-8869Champlain Valley
Brett HughesSinger-Songwriter(802) 655-3285Champlain Valley
Brevity Thing, Theunkempt acoustiuc rock(802) 488-0804Champlain Valley
Brian McCarthyJazzChamplain Valley
BrickdropDance-Funk/ Rock-FusionChamplain Valley
Burlington Bread Boys, TheSweaty-tonk/Kazoo Core/Not BluegrassChamplain Valley
Burlington TaikoInstrumental(802) 658-0658Champlain Valley
Business 2 ConsumerAcoustic Rock/Alternative(646) 265-4488Champlain Valley
Caleb Elder BandChamplain Valley
Cam WillAlternativeChamplain Valley
CanopyRock, Funk, BluesChamplain Valley
Capstan Shafts, TheIndie Rock
Caring BabiesAdult ContemporaryCentral VT
Carol Ann JonesSinger-Songwriter(802) 524-5156Champlain Valley
Carol HausnerSinger-Songwriter(802) 224-9066Central VT
Caroline Rose"Schizodrift" (Surf Rock, Country, Folk)Champlain Valley
Carpenters Tribute ConcertTribute act(802) 558-2222Champlain Valley
CarrawayPop/Alternative(802) 917-3655Champlain Valley
Carter GlassRock, Acoustic
CartonRockCentral VT
Casio BastardRock(802) 595-0191Champlain Valley
Cats Under the StarsJerry Garcia Band TributeChamplain Valley
CaulfieldHardcore/Metal(802) 272-4708Central VT
Cave BeesIndie RockChamplain Valley
Chad Hollister BandRock(802)773-5699Champlain Valley
ChaliceHeavy MetalCentral VT
ChamberlinFolk Rock
Champlain PhilharmonicClassical(802) 595-0087Champlain Valley
Channel Two Dub BandReggae(802) 860-1509Champlain Valley
Charles CandyExperimentalCentral VT
Chicky StoltzRockCentral VT
Chills, TheContemporary acousticNortheast Kingdom
Chin Ho!AmericanaChamplain Valley
Chris & EricaChamplain Valley
Chris BakrigesJazz(802) 368-7217Southeast VT
Chris BirchRock/Retro/Acid
Chris DormanFolkChamplain Valley
Chris Kilian and the Vermont BrigadeRockCentral VT
Chris KleemanBlues(802) 875-4393Central VT
Chris PalluttoEDM/ DJ(802) 786-9027Southwest VT
Chris Robertson & The Socket RocketsRock/Blues(802) 223-0564Central VT
Christine MalcolmFolk/Country/RockCentral VT
Christopher LaRocqueDJ/ EDM(802) 868-1081Champlain Valley
Chyse AtkinsR&B/Soul(802) 865-2787Champlain Valley
Classic Rewind BandCover BandNortheast Kingdom
Clay CanfieldAcoustic Country & BluesChamplain Valley
Clean SlateRock Covers(802) 759-2306Champlain Valley
Clever GirlsAmericana, Grunge, Country, Pop(201) 290-0403Champlain Valley
Close EncountersIndie RockChamplain Valley
Close To NowhereRock(802) 355-1606Champlain Valley
Coba StellaTrip-Hop/Soul/Reggae/Blues(802) 578-1704Champlain Valley
Colby DixAlt Country Indie(802) 275-5003Southeast VT
Colin & The ClarysIndie PopChamplain Valley
Colin McCaffreySinger-Songwriter(802) 454-1007 or (802) 454-1313Central VT
Collin Craig ContinuumBlues/JazzCentral VT
ColorblindHardcore PunkChamplain Valley
Concious RootsReggaeChamplain Valley
Concrete Rivals, TheThrash n' SurfCentral VT
Conniption Fits, TheRock/Progressive/Indie(802) 333-3752Central VT
Cooie & RobinSinger Songwriter(802)-363-0963
Coon Hill JohnAmericanaChamplain Valley
Cooper & LavoieAcoustic(802) 236-5665
Cop Outs, ThePunk/Celtic RockCentral VT
CoquetteRock(413) 275-6704Central VT
Corey RyderCountryCentral VT
Cosmosis JonesPsychadelic(802) 238-7535Champlain Valley
CounterpointClassical Vocal Ensemble(802)540-1784Central VT
Cousin IttHard Rock(802) 377-9975Champlain Valley
CrazyhearseRock(802) 236-1401Champlain Valley
Cricket BlueFolk(860) 748-9019Champlain Valley
Crime SceneRock/MetalChamplain Valley
Croppies, TheAmerican-Irish(802) 868-3523 ext 233Champlain Valley
CruciferionBlack MetalChamplain Valley
Cworner StworeInstrumental Hip-Hop(802) 324-7685Champlain Valley
D Jay BaronEDM, Hip Hop, TranceChamplain Valley
Damn Yankee String BandTraditional(802) 223-8945Central VT
Dan BoomhowerPop, Jazz, Rock(802) 793-2165
Dark Side Of The MountainPink Floyd Covers
Dave ClarkSinger/Songwriter
(802) 369-6687Central VT
Dave Keller BandBlues(802) 229-2737Central VT
Davey David Country Eastern music
David ChiefElectronic(732)770-5231Champlain Valley
David Rosane & The ZookeepersPost-Punk Americana(802)274-3223Central VT
Dayve HuckettInstrumental Guitar Music
Dead SeasMetalChamplain Valley
Dead SetGrateful Dead JamChamplain Valley
DeathPunkChamplain Valley
Death PesosRock(800) 642-3879Champlain Valley
Deb Brisson & The Hay BurnersCountryChamplain Valley
Decoys, The(802) 893-0459Champlain Valley
Deep River SaintsFolk/Rock/Americana(802) 735-6349Champlain Valley
Def EarsNeo-Psych-SoulChamplain Valley
Defibulators, TheBluegrass/Country/Rockabily(802) 434-4563Champlain Valley
Deja-NousFrench Cabaret/Jazz(802) 598-1648Champlain Valley
Dented PersonalityPunk(802) 735-4079Champlain Valley
Derek & the DemonsRock, country Central VT
Derek BurkinsBluegrass/Country
Derek CampbellFunk, Psychedelic(802) 626-9393Northeast Kingdom
Derek Siegler, Dr. GreenRock/Blues/Acoustic(802) 999-8288Champlain Valley
Destructive NatureMetalSouthwest VT
Devon McGarry Band, TheAcoustic RockChamplain Valley
Dewey Drive BandCountry Blues/Swing(802) 862-3578Champlain Valley
DionysiaAlternative RockChamplain Valley
DirtwarRockChamplain Valley
Dirty BlondesPunk Rock(802) 863-9513Champlain Valley
Dirty BoostRock Roots ReggaeSouthwest VT
Disco PhantomElectro/HouseChamplain Valley
Distant ThunderRock(802) 247-6990Southwest VT
DJ Cre8Free FormatChamplain Valley
DJ JahsonSolomonic SoundChamplain Valley
DJ Luis CalderinVariousChamplain Valley
DJ RossHip-Hop/R&B/Dance(603) 553-7677Champlain Valley
DJ RussellHip-Hop/Electro/Reggae(802) 338-2726Champlain Valley
Django KoenigFolk(802) 793-3472Central VT
Doctor SailorIndie/FolkChamplain Valley
Dog ThievesIndie RockChamplain Valley
Dolson BeatsInstrumental/Hip-HopChamplain Valley
Dom The BarberEntertainerChamplain Valley
Donna Thunders and the StormAmericana(802) 479-3305Central VT
Doom ServicePunkChamplain Valley
Doug Farrell Singer-Songwriter
DoughboysRock/PopChamplain Valley
Dr. BurmaSoul/Blues/FunkChamplain Valley
Dr. GreenRock(802) 598-7536Champlain Valley
Dr. RuckusJazz/Funk/OtherChamplain Valley
Drunk & In the WoodsJazz/Funk/OtherSoutheast VT
Duane CarletonAmericanaSouthwest VT
Dubois', TheIndie Pop/RockSouthwest VT
Duke Aeroplane & The Wrong NumbersHoodoo BluesChamplain Valley
DuPoint Brothers, TheIndie FolkChamplain Valley
Dwight and Nicole indie soul bluesChamplain Valley
Eames Brothers BandRock/Blues/Jam(802) 888-5281Central VT
Earths Last BreathPsychedelic Acid Metal(802) 489-0286Central VT
Eastern Mountain TimeCountry/Folk/Americana(802) 399-7589Champlain Valley
Edd, ThePsychedelic/Progressive RockChamplain Valley
EefIndie/Pop/Funk/ PunkChamplain Valley
Eight 02Original Fusion/Contemporary Jazz(805) 453 4258Champlain Valley
Elaine GreenfieldPianist(802) 864-9209Champlain Valley
Eleanor KrauseSinger-SongwriterChamplain Valley
Electric SorceryProgressive Rock, Psychedelic(802) 626 9393Northeast Kingdom
ElectroladsEDM/Livetronica(720) 446-8380Central VT
Elephant Improvisational Rock/FunkChamplain Valley
Elephants of ScotlandProgressive RockChamplain Valley
Elisabeth Von TrappVarious(802) 496-3171Central VT
ElixirTraditionalSoutheast VT
Ellen DegeneratesRock N RollChamplain Valley
Enemy SelfHip-Hop / ExperimentalSoutheast VT
EntendreElectronic/Hip-HopCentral VT
Eric GeorgeFolk/ Country(781) 492-1993Champlain Valley
Erik BoedtkerSinger-SongwriterCentral VT
Erik NielsonClassical
Erin Cassels-BrownSinger-SongwriterChamplain Valley
ErrandsPsych/Dub/Drone/PopChamplain Valley
EugenyksHip HopChamplain Valley
Evansville Transit Authority, The (ETA)Rock(802) 673-6303Champlain Valley
EyedosHip Hop(802) 373-4765Champlain Valley
Face-OneHip hop/ Rap(718) 350-7892Champlain Valley
Fantastic Partnerz, TheDance Pop Boogie RockSoutheast VT
FarmRock(802) 933-2994Champlain Valley
Fiddleheads, TheFolk(802) 849-6968Champlain Valley
Final Frontiers, Therock, junk, pop, lo-fi, loveChamplain Valley
Five Seconds ExpiredRock(802) 793-8387Northeast Kingdom
FlabberghasterRock/Funk/Psychedelic(802) 377-3522Southeast VT
FlourishProgressive metal6033390030Champlain Valley
Flowting BridgeJam/Rock/Grass(802) 476-3301Central VT
ForeverinmotionRock/Folk/AlternativeCentral VT
Francesca BlanchardAcoustic/FolkChamplain Valley
Freddie LosambeHip Hop(802) 598-2743Northeast Kingdom
Fresh PatternsHip HopChamplain Valley
Front Porch FoursomeFolk/ContemporaryChamplain Valley
Full Circle BandClassic Rock BandChamplain Valley
Full Cleveland, TheYacht Rock(802) 316-6646Champlain Valley
funbridgeRock(860) 559-9165Champlain Valley
FunkwagonFunk/R&B/Soul(802) 373-3865Champlain Valley
Future MethodsBeats/RemixesChamplain Valley
Gang of ThievesJam Rock(802) 989-4154Champlain Valley
Garret J. BrownFolk/Adult Contemporary/IndieChamplain Valley
Gary DulabaumFolk/Rock(802) 862-2988Champlain Valley
Gary Dulabaum and Mark SusticFolk/Rock(802) 849-6968Champlain Valley
Geena DuffyPop, Pop-rap(978) 808-1892Northeast Kingdom
Gerry Grimo & The East Bay Jazz EnsembleJazz, Big Band(802) 674-5908Central VT
Get a GripHardcore/PunkSouthwest VT
Ghastly SoundHard Rock
Ghosts Of PashaLo-fi Indie Rock(802) 308-9004
The Giant PeachIndie / Alternative / RockChamplain Valley
Giant Travel Avant GardeAlternative, Garage, RockCentral VT
Giocanina BucciJazz/folk
GneissRockChamplain Valley
Golden Poussey Electronic/experimental
Gordon GoldsmithRock, Singer-Songwriter(508) 221-2226Champlain Valley
GorgonFemale Punk Power Trio(802) 399-0955Champlain Valley
Grace Potter and the NocturnalsRock(310) 254-0216Central VT
Granite JunctionNew GrassNortheast Kingdom
Great WesternRock/Country/jazz/bluesChamplain Valley
Green Mountain Boys, TheBluegrass/Americana/Folk(508) 241-0348Champlain Valley
Green Mountain PlayboysAmericana/CajunCentral VT
Greg DavisElectronicChamplain Valley
Greg IzorBlues/Jazz(802) 734-3376Central VT
Greg RyanSinger-Songwriter(802) 496-8910Champlain Valley
Gregory Douglass BandSinger-Songwriter(802) 238-9754Champlain Valley
Greta FrostFolk(443) 433-8165Champlain Valley
GreyspokeHard Rock/Funk(802) 733-8626Southwest VT
Grift, TheFunk RocktronicaChamplain Valley
Grippo Funk BandFunk(802) 324-1216Central VT
Grippo/Sklar QuintetElectronic/Dance(802) 454-1082Central VT
GrundlefunkJazz-Funk Fusion(802) 595-0191Champlain Valley
Grup AnwarWorld/ArabicChamplain Valley
GubbulidisPercussive Acoustic Looping ShredSouthwest VT
Gully Boys, TheRockin country soul funkadelic(802) 291-2611
Guthrie GalileoR&B AlternativeChamplain Valley
Gypsy ReelFolk/Celtic/AmericanaCentral VT
HälberwolfRock(802) 473-0953Northeast Kingdom
HälberwolfHard Rock(802) 473 0953Northeast Kingdom
Half Past HumanMetal(802) 349-3139Champlain Valley
Hannah Beth CraryCeltic
Hannah Fair Folk Blues
Hannah ZaraIndie/ FolkChamplain Valley
Harder They ComeHouse/TechnoChamplain Valley
HarpoonsPost Punk
Heather RichardsFolk
Heavy PlainsRock & Roll(781) 254-0902Champlain Valley
HellascopeMetal, Doom
Heloise and the Savoir FaireElectro/Dance/Pop
(917) 627-4174Champlain Valley
Hero Cycle, TheIndie RockChamplain Valley
HI-WAY 5Rock n Roll(802) 318-8146Central VT
Hibernators, TheBluegrass(802) 989-3952
High Breaks, TheSurfChamplain Valley
Hillside RoundersCountry(802) 730-2596
Hitmen, TheClassic/Contemporary Covers
(802) 373-5486Champlain Valley
Hollar GeneralAmericana/FolkChamplain Valley
Holy SmokesIndie Rock, Funk/SoulChamplain Valley
Horse Traders, The 70s - Current Pop RockChamplain Valley
Hot Box HoneyJazz(802) 922-6934Champlain Valley
Hot Box HoneyJazz(802) 871-5065Champlain Valley
Hot Pickin' PartyCountry/Bluegrass/ Americana(802) 999-7642Champlain Valley
Hotels & HighwaysFolk, Rock, SoulCentral VT
HouseRockersBlues Rock
Hubcats, TheFolk(802) 585-4462Champlain Valley
HumbleHip HopChamplain Valley
Humpasaur JonesHip HopCentral VT
HungrytownFolk/Pop(802) 874-0091Southeast VT
Iain MacHarg(802) 426-3096Champlain Valley
Ida Mae Specker & The Honest MistakesFolk(802) 735-1982Central VT
If Not I Then Who ThenExperimental, PunkSoutheast VT
In KahootzRock / Classic Rock / R&B(802) 338-1311Champlain Valley
Indecent ExposureHeavy Alternative, Heavy Metal
(802) 922-4774Champlain Valley
InoraBrassBrass Quintet
Invisible HomesIndie/Alternative RockChamplain Valley
Iron Eyes CodyFolk/RockChamplain Valley
IvamaeFolkChamplain Valley
J. Willis Pratt & We're BionicPunk metal rockCentral VT
Jack ChicagoRockChamplain Valley
Jacob EdgarWorld/International(802) 425-2118Champlain Valley
Jacob S. MclaughlinIndependent/Alternative(802) 289-4419Central VT
James HarveyJazz
Champlain Valley
James KinneAcoustic/Rock(802) 839-9010Central VT
James Kochalka SuperstarIndie Rock(802) 860-1280Champlain Valley
Jane BoxallPercussion(802) 825-2165Champlain Valley
Japhy RyderInstrumental World Fusion(802) 310-7809Champlain Valley
Jason CannRock, Folk, Singer-Songwriter(802) 436-2721Central VT
Jason LeeHard Folk(802) 881-4897Champlain Valley
Jason WedlockRockCentral VT
JatobaGroovegrass540-797-1506Southeast VT
Jay PsarosSinger-Songwriter(617) 838-1792Champlain Valley
Jazz Mandolin ProjectJam/Jazz/Rock(207) 878-2330Champlain Valley
Jeanne & The Hi-TopsBlues, Soul, Roots Music
Jeff SalisburyJazz Drummer(802) 343-5418Champlain Valley
Jeff SampsonBlues(802) 388-1942Champlain Valley
eff & Gina DuoJazz, R&B, Instrumental/Vocal8023555392Champlain Valley
Jeh Kulu Danc and Drum TheaterInstrumental(802) 859-1802Champlain Valley
Jenn KarsonSoundscapes/Sound Collages/Alternative Pop(802) 893-2446Champlain Valley
Jenni Johnson & The Jazz JunketeersJazz(802) 658-4211Champlain Valley
Jennifer Culley CurtinCeltic/Folk(802) 685-4626Central VT
Jennifer HartswickJazz/Soul/R&B
Jeremiah McLaneTraditional(802) 765-9904Central VT
Jeremy GilchristSinger-Songwriter(910) 986-4210Champlain Valley
Jeremy HarpleSinger-Songwriter/Acoustic Roots(802) 644-6691Champlain Valley
Jeremy SicelySongwriter802-730-2596
Jeremy Wando(802) 864-6516Champlain Valley
Jericho Road CrewChristian/Folk/Country802-899-1139Champlain Valley
Jibba "The Gent"(802) 376-7080Central VT
Jim Daniels, Jim McGinniss and Tyler BollesCountry, Bluegrass(802) 754-6623Northeast Kingdom
Jim Gilmour Band(802) 297-9400Southwest VT
Jimmy T and the CobrasClassic Rock/Originals(802) 353-7704Champlain Valley
jinxboxIndie/Alternative(802) 989-5522Champlain Valley
Jive FarmerBlues, Country, Soul802 309 4206
Joe AdlerSinger-Songwriter(301) 254-2325Champlain Valley
Joe Adler and the Rangers of DangerSinger-Songwriter(301) 254-2325Champlain Valley
Joe Capps GroupJazz(802) 899-4263Champlain Valley
Joe Moore Band, TheJazz, Blues, Funk(802) 343-4631Champlain Valley
Joey KeoughSinger-SongwriterChamplain Valley
Joey Leone's Chop ShopRock(802) 369-0347Champlain Valley
John AbairAmericanaChamplain Valley
John Daly TrioSinger-Songwriter(802) 310-1894Champlain Valley
John Lackard Blues BandBlues(802) 728-3308Central VT
John PowellSinger-Songwriter(802) 318-0564Champlain Valley
Johnny AzerRock(802) 775-9659Southwest VT
Johnny O & The Bone FactoryLimitlessCentral VT
Johnnycake StreetIndie FolkSouthwest VT
Josh BrooksSinger-SongwriterChamplain Valley
Josh PandaRock, BluesChamplain Valley
Joshua GlassSinger-SongwriterChamplain Valley
JukeJoyntCountry Style Ballads, Blues, and Rock(802) 369-6687Central VT
Julia Josephine SloneIndie Pop/Rock(802) 380-9726Southeast VT
Julia Kate DavisFolk(330) 221-4256Champlain Valley
Julie WinnSinger-Songwriter(802) 859-9515Champlain Valley
JunkmanInstrumentalSouthwest VT
JusticeRock/Dance Rock(802) 309-1044Champlain Valley
Justin GonyeaMetalChamplain Valley
Justin LevinsonSinger-Songwriter(802) 989-1851Champlain Valley
Justin PaniguttiSinger-SongwriterChamplain Valley
Justin Perdue GroupJazz(802) 989-8350Champlain Valley
Jynx Inc.Hip Hop/Alternative/Hardcore Rap
Kara McGrawOrchestral Pop(802) 793-8846Champlain Valley
Karen KevraClassical, Chamber(802) 223-6743Northeast Kingdom
Karen KrajacicProgressive/FolkChamplain Valley
Kat Wright & the Indomitable Soul BandSoulChamplain Valley
Katie GarraPop/RockChamplain Valley
Katie TrautzTraditional, Bluegrass(802) 279-2236Central VT
Keeghan NolanCountry802-582-8737Champlain Valley
Kelly Ravin Folk(802) 324-8030Champlain Valley
Ken Schofield (of Swamp Donkeys)Roadhouse Classic Rock Dance(802) 863-7925Champlain Valley
Kevin Bloom and the Static CircusRadio experimentChamplain Valley
Central VT
Kick 'Em JennyOld-Time String BandCentral VT
KickTheCanElectronic(802) 223-3033Central VT
KiefCatcherStoner Metal9192059590Champlain Valley
Kimberley ArnoldAcoustic/Classical(802) 893-4698Champlain Valley
King MeAcoustic Rock and Roll(802) 598-3081
King TuffRockSoutheast VT
KorbinElectronicChamplain Valley
Kris GruenIndie Folk Storytelling(802) 425-3064Central VT
Kristina StykosSinger-Songwriter/Folk(802) 685-4304Central VT
Kyle ChadburnSinger/Songwriter, Alt-CountryNortheast Kingdom
Laci HarmonPiano Rock, Jazz, Alternative Rock, Art pop, Folk.Champlain Valley
Lar DugganSolo Piano, Ambient(802) 862-5831Champlain Valley
Laslo Cameo(802) 533-2188Northeast Kingdom
Lauren Kate DabkowskiSinger-SongwriterChamplain Valley
le duo, theiNprov- inclusive improvisationChamplain Valley
Leatherbound Books, TheDanceable Folk(802) 999-3408Champlain Valley
Left Eye JumpBlues(802) 482-3131Champlain Valley
Leno & YoungAcoustic(802) 338-8495Champlain Valley
Ler StevensHip-Hop(215) 783-0539Champlain Valley
Let's WhisperHappy MusicChamplain Valley
LightcrusherMetalCentral VT
Linda BassickSinger-Songwriter(802) 393-6169Champlain Valley
Lisa PiccirilloSinger-Songwriter, PopChamplain Valley
Little Bruce JuniorRock
Central VT
Little SluggerIndie Sock RockChamplain Valley
LizRd WomenPunk/Emo(207) 680-8402Champlain Valley
Lizzy MandelFolk/AmericanaCentral VT
Longford RowFolk
Loose AssociationAcoustic CoversChamplain Valley
Loose CannonsRock(603) 675-2469Champlain Valley
Lord SilkyPit boozin' thrash rockChamplain Valley
Louie BrownFolk/Rock/Ska802-496-7800Central VT
Louis Mackey & ThirtysevenHip-HopChamplain Valley
LoupoJazz Hip Hop/Push-n-Pull(802) 461-6548Champlain Valley
Low Country FunkModern twist of multiple genres(802) 353-1463Southwest VT
Lowell ThompsonRock/Americana(802) 578-8408Champlain Valley
LucidBlues/Funk/Rock(802) 318-3594
Lynguistic Civilians, TheHip HopChamplain Valley
Mad Mountain Scramblers, TheBluegrass(802) 496-7518
MadailaPop/Dance RockChamplain Valley
Made by RobotsJazzishChamplain Valley
Made In IronMetal(802) 540-0043Champlain Valley
Maiden Voyage Hip HopCentral VT
Malicious BrothersBlues, Classic Rock, Reggae(802) 563-4401Central VT
Mallets Bay MusicAmericana, Singer-SongwriterChamplain Valley
Mango JamCajun/Zydeco/Caribbean(802) 862-0149Champlain Valley
Mangroves, TheExperimental/JamNortheast Kingdom
Maple CreekCountry Rock(802) 899-1823Champlain Valley
Maple Leaf SevenTraditional Jazz(802) 274-5240Northeast Kingdom
Maple Street Six, TheJazz/Funk(802) 338-1859Champlain Valley
Mark SheltonVocals, Jazz(802) 754-2216Northeast Kingdom
Mary Cay BrassTraditional, Choir(802) 869-2438Southeast VT
Maryse SmithFolkChamplain Valley
Masefield Perkins Fishman BollesAcoustic
MashtodonDJ/Hip HopChamplain Valley
Matt OlsonAmericana, Singer/Songwriter, Folk401-580-9415Southwest VT
Matt TownsendFolk/Rock(508) 965-8488Champlain Valley
Matteo PalmerNew Age, Singer-SongwriterCentral VT
Matthew MeserveSinger-Songwriter, Piano ManCentral VT
MaxwellywellElectronic(802) 922-5325Champlain Valley
MayflyTraditional(802) 279-2236Champlain Valley
McFadden Academy of Irish DanceTraditional(802) 999-5041Champlain Valley
McKenna Lee and the MicrofixersRange of covers(802) 488-4554
Champlain Valley
McKew DevittSinger/SongwriterChamplain Valley
Me and My Friend BenAmericana(802) 318-0564Champlain Valley
Meg Devlin IrishSinger-Songwriter, Country, Folk(802) 244-8328Central VT
Meg WilleySinger-Songwriter(802) 524-9364Champlain Valley
Mel Flannery Trucking Co.Rock, Pop, Soul(917) 447-6857Central VT
Mellow YellowPsychedelic Tribute (60's, 70s)(802) 399-2589Champlain Valley
MertzRapChamplain Valley
Metamorph (duo Margot Day and Kurtis KnightElectronic(802) 279 1721Northeast Kingdom
Mia Adams & The Scenic RootsFolk / Pop / Singer-SongwriterChamplain Valley
Micah PlanteSinger-Songwriter, Lo-Fi(802) 272-0675Champlain Valley
Michael ChorneySinger-Songwriter(802) 453-3246Champlain Valley
Michael LiulaSinger-Songwriter, Country(802) 988-9960Northeast Kingdom
Michael Veitch | And | The Veitch BoysSinger-Songwriter(845) 750-0036Southeast VT
Michele Fay Band, TheCountry(802) 388-6863Champlain Valley
Michelle Sarah BandFunk/Soul
(802) 454-8055Central VT
Middlebury Bobolinks, TheCoed A Capella(802) 443-7312Champlain Valley
Mighty Loons, TheRock/Blues/Reggae(802) 654-7595Champlain Valley
Mike GordonRock(212) 330-9092Champlain Valley
Milton Busker & Spare Change(802) 864-2955Champlain Valley
MirageClassic Rock(802) 793-1432Central VT
Miss Fits, TheMisfits CoverChamplain Valley
Miss MiZeryRock Covers(802) 233-6368
Mission CreepAtompunk go-go jazzSoutheast VT
Mister BurnsHip HopChamplain Valley
Mitchell, AnaisSinger-Songwriter(360) 481-5395Central VT
Mizzy BonesHip-Hop/RapChamplain Valley
Modern Grass Quintet, The BluegrassChamplain Valley
Modern NatureBohemian Garage(802) 318-8173Champlain Valley
Money ShottRockSouthwest VT
Mono MaloBlues, FunkCentral VT
MonoprixRockChamplain Valley
Morning Comes EarlyPop Punk(802) 948-2269Champlain Valley
Mountain ManFolk(802) 377-0242Champlain Valley
Mountain Says No, TheRock(802) 933-2994Champlain Valley
Moxley UnionRockCentral VT
Mr. DoubtfireAlternative Indie Punk(802) 735-4079Champlain Valley
Mr. WilcoxExperimental hip-hopChamplain Valley
Mud City Ramblers, TheAmericana, BluesgrassCentral VT
Music For SproutsChildren's Music(802) 497-7217Champlain Valley
MusicSpeakRock(802) 793-8387Northeast Kingdom
MV & EEPsych-FolkSoutheast VT
MyceliumRap/Hip-HopNortheast Kingdom
Myra FlynnPop, RockChamplain Valley
N.Y.THip HopChamplain Valley
Named By StrangersPsychadelic, Mind Expansion RockChamplain Valley
Nancy Druids, TheIndie Psych PopChamplain Valley
NarcoticsRock/Pop/Blues(315) 767-9699Champlain Valley
Nasa BlastaChamplain Valley
Nate GusakovOriginal Banjo Music(802) 453-7935Champlain Valley
Native TongueRock/Blues(802) 479-9326Central VT
Near NorthRock(802) 777-9062Champlain Valley
NebulaeAlternative Metal(802) 472-3631Champlain Valley
neither wolf nor dogFolk, Indie, Rock and RollSouthwest VT
Neon MagusApocalyptic Tribal Drum Circles(802) 343-2976Champlain Valley
New Siberians, TheIndie Rock(802) 318-8853Champlain Valley
Nick ClemensFolk/Psych Folk(610) 883-0584Champlain Valley
Nick DeNoia(802) 635-1731Central VT
NightrainRockChamplain Valley
NIPs-WestChamplain Valley
No Son of MineMetal(802) 535-8348Champlain Valley
No U-TurnsRock(508) 930-7704Northeast Kingdom
Nobby Reed ProjectRock(802) 868-2187Champlain Valley
NomadRock and Dance music from the 60's to today
NoodleProgressive MetalChamplain Valley
North End HoneysScreamin' Honky TonkChamplain Valley
Not CalebAcoustic/Indie/Singer-SongwriterChamplain Valley
November GuestRock, Americana(802) 735-2133Champlain Valley
Nyiko Electro/VocalsChamplain Valley
Odd Wednesdays, TheNew Wave/Progressive Rock(802) 454-1065Central VT
Old SkyFolk/Country(802) 323-3752Champlain Valley
One Man EmpireHard Rock/AlternativeChamplain Valley
Onion River Jazz BandJazz(802) 985-3984Champlain Valley
OSABAGrungeSoutheast VT
Out Of Our Hands
Over Orange HeightsAdult Alternative(802) 249-8131Central VT
PadulabaumAmericana, Roots(802) 598-3588Champlain Valley
Papa GreyBeardBlues/JazzChamplain Valley
Paper CastlesIndie RockChamplain Valley
Papst Blue RhythmBlues Rock(802) 752-5984Central VT
ParakeetsDoo Wop/Psych-RockCentral VT
PardnerArt RockChamplain Valley
Pariah BeatCountry(603) 477-9669Champlain Valley
Pat MarkleyImprovisation, Jazz(802) 777-8556
Patricia Julien Project, TheJazz(802) 863-6917Champlain Valley
Patrick FitzsimmonsSinger-Songwriter(802) 324-3782Champlain Valley
Patti CaseySinger-Songwriter
Patty Carpenter Americana Band
Peace In The ValleyClassic Rock & Bluegrass Funk(802)-279-6473
Persian ClawsIndie Rock(802) 272-4228Champlain Valley
Pete SutherlandTraditionalChamplain Valley
Pete's PosseOriginal and Trad. RootsChamplain Valley
Peter DayFolk Rock
Phantom AirwaveProgressive Funk RockChamplain Valley
Phil Abair BandVarious Dance Music(802) 863-0565Champlain Valley
Phil HenrySinger-Songwriter(802) 775-1627Southwest VT
Phil Yates & The AffiliatesRock(626) 379-9260Champlain Valley
Pilgrims, TheRock N' RollCentral VT
Pine Street JazzJazz(802) 654-9220Champlain Valley
PinedropFolk/Americana/Bluegrass5082080881Southeast VT
PissantFolk Punkk/Watchyamacallit(802)238-9730Champlain Valley
Pistol FistRock(802) 279-8319Central VT
Pitz QuattroneInstrumental(802) 229-4952Central VT
Plastique MammalsInstrumental Rock(802) 752-6094Champlain Valley
Pocket ProtectorInstumentalChamplain Valley
Polaroid LoveRockCentral VT
PossumHawFolk/Bluegrass(802) 658-0928Champlain Valley
PoursElectro/indieChamplain Valley
Pretend You're Happy Indie RockChamplain Valley
Pretty & Nice (Now in Boston)Indie, Experimental Pop(617) 519-3150Champlain Valley
PrismClassic Rock(802) 735-4775Champlain Valley
Problem ChildPunk(802) 878-9039Champlain Valley
Professor FairbanksTraditional(802) 644-5708Central VT
Pulse ProphetsReggae/Funk/Dance(802) 249-0414Champlain Valley
Queen City Hot ClubGypsy JazzChamplain Valley
Questionable CompanyFolk FunkChamplain Valley
Questionable CompanyFolk Funk(231) 631-3921Champlain Valley
Quiet LionIndie/ FolkChamplain Valley
Radio Underground, TheRock(802) 747-8699Champlain Valley
Randy Smith and 8084Rock(802) 598-6364Champlain Valley
Raphael GrotenNew Age, InstrumentalChamplain Valley
RaqRockChamplain Valley
Real Deal, TheSoul and FunkChamplain Valley
Rebecca PadulaSinger-Songwriter(802) 482-3102Champlain Valley
Red Clover & The Hermit ThrushAlt. Country/ AmericanaChamplain Valley
Red Hot JubaHot Countrified Jazz and Blues(802) 434-7266Champlain Valley
Red Hot RiderCountry/Classic Rock(802) 353-0084Southwest VT
Red Newts, TheCountry/Blues(413) 626-1213Champlain Valley
Red Summer Sun, TheRockChamplain Valley
Red Tin BoxFolk-Punk(603) 548-7521Northeast Kingdom
REDadmiralAlternative Rock(802) 318-5447Champlain Valley
Rehab RoadhouseFused Blues Rock(802) 238 8952Champlain Valley
Reign OneEDM/ TechnoChamplain Valley
REMEDY, THEDance, Pop, Hip HopChamplain Valley
Reverend Ben Donovan & the CongregationCountry/Americana(978) 278-9932Champlain Valley
REVERSERHardcore/MetalCentral VT
RevibeFunk/Rock/Jam/Jazz/Electronica(978) 821-1493Champlain Valley
Rhythm RocketsDance, R&B, Classic RockChamplain Valley
Rhythm RuckusHip-Hop(802) 869-2662Southeast VT
Richard RuaneFolk(802) 388-9782Champlain Valley
Rick & The Ramblers Western Swing BandWestern Swing(802) 864-6674Champlain Valley
Rick Redington & The LuvRock, Roots(802) 558-8279Central VT
Right Coast LeftoversHonky Tonk, Bluegrass, Country, Rock n' Roll
Rik PalieriOriginal Traditional(802) 482-3185Champlain Valley
Rix, TheFolk/AmericanaChamplain Valley
Robert ResnikTraditional(802) 865-7222Champlain Valley
Robin GottfriedRock, Singer-SongwriterChamplain Valley
Robin ReidFolk RockChamplain Valley
RookieIndieNortheast Kingdom
Root 7AcapellaChamplain Valley
Rough FrancisRock/Pop/NU-Jazz(802) 324-5175Champlain Valley
Rowdy, TheRock N' Roll(603) 243-0291Central VT
Rue MevlanaDance PopChamplain Valley
RumblecatRock/Funk/BluesChamplain Valley
Run MountainCountry/Oldtime(802) 388-7619Champlain Valley
Rusty Pickup Band, TheContra Dance(802) 824-5991Southwest VT
Rusty SoulsClassic Rock and Blues(802) 244-7683Champlain Valley
Ruth GarbusFolk, Experimental, Lo-fiSoutheast VT
Ryan Fauber BandFolkChamplain Valley
Ryan Hanson Band, TheRock/Folk/Pop/Classic(602) 920-1875Champlain Valley
Ryan OberSinger-Songwriter(802) 863-9244Champlain Valley
Ryan PowerAmbient Jazz/ProgChamplain Valley
S.I.N.siZZleHip HopChamplain Valley
SADGsHip HopSouthwest VT
Sambatucada!Afro-Brazilean Procussion(802) 658-5924Champlain Valley
SammichFunk/Jam/RockChamplain Valley
Samples, TheRock, Folk(720) 495-7579Champlain Valley
Sarah HotchkissTraditional, Classical(802) 223-8945
Sarah Munro and Mark LeGrandSinger-SongwriterCentral VT
Sarah WallisAcoustic(802) 483-9484Southwest VT
Savage HenHeavy Doom Groove Sarcasti-coreChamplain Valley
Scott AinslieTraditional(802) 257-7391Southeast VT
Scott GravesAcoustic Rock(802) 249-6077Central VT
Screaming Skullhardcore/PunkChamplain Valley
Sean & GerryAcoustic Rock(802) 655-2932Champlain Valley
Sean Casey & The Eloise McDaniel ConsortiumFolk Rock802-274-2046Champlain Valley
Sean Clute
Sean McCuskerSinger-Songwriter(617) 943 2308Champlain Valley
Search EngineIndie rock(716) 880-4825Champlain Valley
Second AgendaAlternative, Hip Hop(610) 506-9609Champlain Valley
Second WindFolk, RockChamplain Valley
Secret HeliotropesAlt Folk(802) 324-1548Champlain Valley
Sensible ShoesBlues, RockCentral VT
Serotheftlivetronica, jam, funk, houseChamplain Valley
Seth Sawyer BandTraditional(802) 380-6689Southeast VT
Seth Yacovone BandBlues(802) 434-6578Champlain Valley
Seven LeavesRock, Funk, Reggae(781) 424-6203Champlain Valley
Shady Rill
Folk(802) 454-7330Central VT
ShakeRhythm and Blues8028811028Champlain Valley
ShakedownVarious(802) 304-1010Champlain Valley
Shandies, TheGarage Pop, Loud & Noisy(802) 862-7471Champlain Valley
Shane MurleyVarious(512) 608-7393Champlain Valley
Shannon HawleySinger-Songwriter(907) 229-4432Champlain Valley
Shark VictimRockChamplain Valley
Shay Gestal, Old Sky
Singer-SongwriterChamplain Valley
ShellhouseRock(802) 759-2473Champlain Valley
ShrimpRock, AmericanaCentral VT
Shy HuskyAlternative Indie RockCentral VT
Sideshow BobRock(802) 660-4942Champlain Valley
Silent MindAlternative, Singer-Songwriter(908) 672-4433Champlain Valley
Silver Arrow BandCover BandChamplain Valley
Silver BridgetInstumental CoversChamplain Valley
Simple JoeRockChamplain Valley
Sink or SwimPunxxxChamplain Valley
Sky Blue Boys, TheTraditional(802) 223-6965Champlain Valley
Slave to MyselfMetal(802) 371-9289Central VT
Sleeping InPunk(802) 752-6354Champlain Valley
SliderBlues Rock(802) 635-1052Champlain Valley
Slurp DeluxeRock and Slurp(802) 899-3956Champlain Valley
Small ChangeTom Waits TributeChamplain Valley
Smithfield BoulevardIndie Rock(518) 335-3547Champlain Valley
Smittens, TheIndie Twee PopChamplain Valley
Smokey Newfield ProjectEclectic covers(802) 309-0606Champlain Valley
Smokin' GrassBluegrass, Americana, Rock, Jazz, Funk(802) 864-4887Champlain Valley
Smooth AnticsFunk/Soul-HopChamplain Valley
SnakeFootExperimental, Electronic(518) 441-5405Champlain Valley
Snaz, TheIndie RockSoutheast VT
Social Band(802) 335-4216Champlain Valley
Soul CreekClassic Rock/Modern Soul
Soul KingdomSoul/Funk/Pop(802) 673-6303Northeast Kingdom
Soule MondeImprov-Funk(802) 989-1201Central VT
Special Delivery BandEverything from Ethnic to Alternative(802) 376-7004Central VT
SpectrisProgressive rock(802) 230-2020Central VT
Spencer LewisFolk(802) 234-5304Central VT
Spider RouletteAmericana Blues(802) 349-2777
Spirit AnimalRock Pop(603) 554-6018Champlain Valley
Spit JackRock(508) 612-8668Central VT
Squid CityAmbient RockChamplain Valley
Squimley And The WoolensFunkChamplain Valley
St. J. JazzJazz(802) 274-5240Northeast Kingdom
Starline Rhythm Boys, TheHonky-Tonk and Rock a Billy802-223-5327Champlain Valley
Steel RailBluegrass(802) 244-5774Central VT
Steph PappasRock(802) 660-0826Champlain Valley
Stephen Callahan QuartetOriginal JazzChamplain Valley
Steve HartmannSinger-Songwriter, Folk Rock(617) 233-2748Champlain Valley
Steven KlimowskiClarinet(802) 849-6900Champlain Valley
Steven LindholmFolk802-467-8646Northeast Kingdom
Sticks & StonesChamplain Valley
Sticky SoulsFunk/Rock/Soul(802) 236-5313Champlain Valley
Still Kickin'R & B, Classic Rock, Country, JazzCentral VT
Stillmore CatsRock(802) 763-2063Central VT
Stockwell BrothersBluegrass(802) 387-5772Southeast VT
Stone BulletHard Rock(802) 249-7867Central VT
Stone Cold RoostersAmericana(802) 454-1007Central VT
STONEWALL New EnglandHard Rock, Grunge(603) 835-6190Central VT
Stovepipe Mountain BandAmericana/ Folk RockCentral VT
Strands of LifeAmbient Post-Rock(802) 282-7752Central VT
Strange FolkJam Rock(802) 863-4992Champlain Valley
Strangled DarlingsIndie Stomp FolkSoutheast VT
Stretch The Limits(802) 223-1069Central VT
Subject To ChangeRockNortheast Kingdom
Suburban SamuraiMelodic PunkCentral VT
Sullivan Davis Hanscom BandRock(802) 885-5418Central VT
Suncooked BrookAmericana Folk RockNortheast Kingdom
SwaleRock/Experimental/Soul(802) 864-4824Champlain Valley
Sweet Remainsfolk-rock,Singer- Songwriter(917) 327-2394Champlain Valley
SwimmerProgressive Rock/Funk/Jam(802) 282-9412Champlain Valley
Swing NoireGypsy Jazz(802) 734-7389Champlain Valley
Swing North Big BandSwing(802) 274-5240Northeast Kingdom
Tallgrass GetdownFolkaliciousCentral VT
Tar IguanaReptilian Jam Rock412-605-8079Champlain Valley
The BonnetsFunk/Punk(518)698-2345Northeast Kingdom
The Contois School of Music BandRange of styles(802) 878-8333Champlain Valley
The Dog CatchersRythm and BluesChamplain Valley
The Make MentionsIndie Folk RockChamplain Valley
ThirdshiftVarious Covers(802) 735-5193
Thomas PearoFolk/Contemp. JazzChamplain Valley
Thunderbolt ResearchRockChamplain Valley
Tiffany Pfeiffer and the Discarnate BandSoul/Jazz/Pop(802) 735-7481Champlain Valley
Tim BerryAmericana/Singer-songwriterChamplain Valley
Tim BrickCountry Rock(802) 839-9743Central VT
Tim Jennings and Leanne PonderTraditional(802) 223-9103Central VT
Timothy James and HifidelicJazz/Dance Rock(802) 872-7074Champlain Valley
Tobias Moore (of The Moores)Rock(603) 558-8778Southeast VT
Tod Moses & Fujita 5Blues/Rock/SoulCentral VT
Tom MackenzieTraditional(802) 236-3752Central VT
Tom TheoharySurf Punk(802) 583-3526Central VT
Tommy BobcatRock(802)503-0153Champlain Valley
Toni CatlinFolk/Rock(615) 512-7149Champlain Valley
Too Hot To Handle, TheEnergetic Quintet
Totally SubmergedRock(802) 289-4419Central VT
Totem Pole RikCountry Roots, Folk & Storytelling(802) 482-3185Champlain Valley
Townsend RevenuePsychedelic rock(802) 497-4983Champlain Valley
Transitory SymphonyFolk-Rock-Jazz Fusion8023186728Champlain Valley
Trapper KeeperPunkChamplain Valley
Tricksters, TheRockCentral VT
Tsunamibots, The Surf Punk, Robots(508) 612-8668Central VT
TuridaeCeltic/Classical(802) 229-9901Central VT
TURNmusicPost-Classical(802) 578-5028Central VT
TwiddleJazz/ Classical/ Blugrass(203) 448-8063Southwest VT
Twist of Fate VTRock N Roll
Two CountTrioCentral VT
Two Token JokerReckless Underground Hard RockCentral VT
Tyler Daniel BeanHeavy IndieChamplain Valley
Tyler Mast & Paradise DivideJazz, RockChamplain Valley
Tyme's UpRock(802)-527-7279 (Brian) or (802)-489-5887 (Tim)Champlain Valley
UnKommonHip-HopChamplain Valley
UntappedMelodic / Alt Metal(802) 782-0788Champlain Valley
UppercutPop PunkChamplain Valley
Urian Hackney FunkChamplain Valley
Vacant Lots, ThePsych Rock(802) 735-3491Champlain Valley
Vagabonds, TheIndie/FolkCentral VT
VakkuumTechnoChamplain Valley
ValkyrieHard Rock(802) 922-4459
Vedora Atmospheric RockChamplain Valley
Velvet SoulRock/Country, R&B/Jazz, Blues(802) 860-4911Champlain Valley
Vermont Contemporary Music EnsembleChamber Music(802) 849-6900
Vermont Fiddle OrchestraTraditional(877) 343-3531Central VT
Vermont Jazz EnsembleJazz(802) 247-6146Southwest VT
Vermont PhilharmonicSymphony(802) 454-1720
Vermont Symphony OrchestraSymphony(802) 864-5741
Vermont Youth OrchestraSymphony(802) 655-5030Champlain Valley
Village HarmonyTraditional(802) 426-3210Central VT
Village Idiots, The Eclectic Acoustic/Electric RockCentral VT
VillanellesRock(207) 751-2252Champlain Valley
Vincent Flats Blues BandR&B, Soul, Rock(802) 223-2016Central VT
Violette UltravioletRock, ExperimentalChamplain Valley
Voices In VainMetal(413) 464-1859Northeast Kingdom
VowsIndie, PsychpopChamplain Valley
VSO, TheClassical(802) 864-5741 x 10Champlain Valley
VT UnionHip HopChamplain Valley
Vultures Of CultMetal(802) 233-8737Champlain Valley
Wave of the FutureSci-Fi Dance PunkChamplain Valley
Waves Of AdrenalineFolk, Singer-Songwriter(802) 655-5312Champlain Valley
Waylon Speed!Rock, countryChamplain Valley
WDYElectronic, Psychadelic, Experimental, Dream Pop(802) 393-1316Champlain Valley
Weak Signal Broadcast ServiceExperimental Sufi RockChamplain Valley
Wee Folkestra, TheIndie Folk RockChamplain Valley
Weight Of The WorldHardcore Punk, BluesChamplain Valley
Welterweights, TheRock and Roll
Wes DaveyRock/Folk
WildbranchBluegrass(802) 933-4193Champlain Valley
Will Patton EnsembleMandolin Jazz, Folk(802) 827-3845Champlain Valley
Willoughbys, TheAmericana(802) 343-1158Champlain Valley
Wind in the Woodsearly music
Wing WalkerIndie Folk(802) 233-5576Champlain Valley
WitchStoner MetalSoutheast VT
WoedoggiesCountry(802) 999-3285Champlain Valley
Woedoggies, TheOutlaw Country(802) 557-5550Champlain Valley
WolcotIndie RockChamplain Valley
Wolf RoxonSouthwest VT
WomensingWorld Acapella(802) 453-5334Champlain Valley
Woodchuck's RevengeBluegrass, Blues, Western, Irish, etc...(802) 483-6322
Wooden DinosaurFolk + RockSoutheast VT
Woods Tea CompanyFolk(802) 524-6035Champlain Valley
Woodshed Wailers, The Blues of varied originCentral VT
Wooly MarMultimedia Electronic Vocal Melodic(802) 387-5050Southeast VT
Workingman's ArmyRock, Progressive, ReggaeChamplain Valley
World WayAfrican Reggae, Soukous, Afro-pop, Calypso(802) 275-7307Southeast VT
Would I's, TheBlend of 60s,70s,80s,90s and todayChamplain Valley
Wyld Nightz BandDance Band(802)-257-5357Southeast VT
Xenia Dunfordsinger/songwriter(508) 561 3578Champlain Valley
XPHip HopChamplain Valley
Y69Punk(802) 734-0327Champlain Valley
Yogi P and the Funky Shanti Acoustic RockChamplain Valley
You Still Have FriendsExperimental Pop/Electronic/AmbientSouthwest VT
Zach NugentRock and JamChamplain Valley
Zack DuPontFolkChamplain Valley
ZephrusRock(802) 735-2133Champlain Valley
Zero CircleModern Rock(802) 782-2548Champlain Valley