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DJ Bio WOMM-LP Automation is the friendly robot who plays Vermont-made music from Big Heavy World's VT music archive whenever our human DJs are out picking flowers.
Time Title Artist Album Label Genre
06:58am Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But You Will Never Hate Me As Much As I Do Nautica. winter n/s n/s
06:55am TRY Joe Delaney Never Give Up! n/s n/s
06:50am Five Minutes to Fame John Holland Just a Man and His Songs n/s n/s
06:45am 06 Loon Lake Tyler Daniel Bean On Days Soon to Pass n/s n/s
06:42am Magic Drop The Aerolites 34 Mansfield n/s n/s
06:41am Telephone Deep River Saints Acts Of American Homes n/s n/s
06:37am Heart In The Wreckage Kristina Stykos Horse Thief n/s n/s
06:32am Chopin Waltz Doug Perkins Music For Flat-Top Guitar n/s n/s
06:28am The Fear Maryse Smith Is Becomes Was n/s n/s
06:25am Folsom Prison Blues Mark Shelton Shake, Rattle n/s n/s
06:23am You Can't Fix Crazy Joe Delaney Never Give Up! n/s n/s
06:22am I Don't Care Phish Trampled By Lambs And Pecked By The Dove n/s n/s
06:18am Dandelion Wine Meg Devlin Irish Right On Time n/s n/s
06:14am Motion Aaron Flinn's Salad Days Half Mast n/s n/s
06:12am Hole in the bucket Transitory Symphony The Human Condition n/s n/s
06:09am Landmines Gang of Thieves Thunderfunk n/s n/s
06:05am C.T. Tanker Waylon Speed Horseshoes and Hand Grenades n/s n/s
06:02am Greens and Yellows The DuPont Brothers A Riddle for You n/s n/s
05:58am Statesboro Blues The Devil Makes Three Do Wrong Right n/s n/s
05:56am Your Punishment Will Be Strange REVERSER Southern Claw n/s n/s
05:55am Pete, Act Locally (Featuring Pete Seeger) Rik Palieri And George Mann The Almanac Trail n/s n/s
05:53am I Keep Christmas In My Pocket Debbie Gravite Perfect Picture (...But was all this real?) n/s n/s
05:50am Wire Mother Coquette Three n/s n/s
05:47am When You Wish Upon A Star John Cassel Kids Dig Jazz Vol.1 n/s n/s
05:43am 07 On Days Soon To Pass Tyler Daniel Bean On Days Soon to Pass n/s n/s

Vermont Music Videos

A Few Official Videos From A State-Sized Collection

Music City / Music State

Strengthening the Music Community of Burlington & Vermont

Our work has main objectives: 1) Strengthen Vermont musicians professionally and socially, building the confidence and friendships that help musicians help themselves and each other; 2) Foster the economic success of music in Vermont and champion its value; and 3) Preserve and celebrate the cultural legacy created by Vermont’s musicians.

We’ve been doing this since 1996 as a crew of mostly high school and college-aged volunteers. Big Heavy World is now a part of the international awakening of cultural communities called ‘music cities,’ and is bringing the best worldwide tools and practices to Vermont.

Vermont bands who’d like to lend their input and voices to this mission can join us via the Vermont Alliance of Musicians & Presenters.

Photo above: Justin Crowther at Burlington Record Plant.


Call to Artists

Opportunities for Vermont Musicians