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Current DJ Duff Sheffield
DJ Bio WOMM-LP Automation is the friendly robot who plays Vermont-made music from Big Heavy World's VT music archive whenever our human DJs are out picking flowers.
Time Title Artist Album Label Genre
02:03pm Crazy Things Deep River Saints Acts Of American Homes n/s n/s
01:58pm Snake Mt. Rob Voland Year Of The Tiger n/s n/s
01:54pm Saints and Sinners Silent Mind Good Morning Mr. Bright n/s n/s
01:49pm State Of Grace Peter Merrigan A New Day: With Old Friends n/s n/s
01:41pm Serenea William Michael Maisel The Blissful Unknown n/s n/s
01:38pm Uptown Johnny The Aerolites 34 Mansfield n/s n/s
01:33pm Spastic Tactics The Edd I'm With Bob n/s n/s
01:28pm Been There All Along Peter Day Break Down the Heavy n/s n/s
01:23pm Better Half Abbie Morin Shadowproof n/s n/s
01:23pm Segation Powell See You Soon n/s n/s
01:19pm Named After A Kiss Song Better Things Getting Worse n/s n/s
01:17pm Growling Old Man And Grumbling Old Woman Fiddleheads Thrufters n/s n/s
01:13pm Winnebago Ellen Degenerates Staleboat n/s n/s
01:10pm All For Me Grog Copout This Is To Her Life n/s n/s
01:06pm Three Feels Right Gneiss Volume One 2017 n/s n/s
01:00pm Blowin' In The Wind Emily Nyman Peace Offering n/s n/s
12:58pm Always argonaut n/s n/s n/s
12:55pm River Under The Road Banjo Dan Fire In The Sugarhouse! n/s n/s
12:52pm Nicky Says Black Rabbit Red Flannel Hash n/s n/s
12:49pm Lovesick Blues Mayfly Sweet Is The Morning n/s n/s
12:47pm Bun In My Oven The Make Mentions Sour Lemons n/s n/s
12:46pm Snapshot Django Koenig We Live On n/s n/s
12:43pm Crenshaw Lowell Thompson SKI Vermont Fresh Tracks 06; 07 n/s n/s
12:38pm In the Pines Katie Trautz Katie Trautz n/s n/s
12:35pm Mr. Average Modern Nature What Color n/s n/s

Vermont Music Videos

A Few Official Videos From A State-Sized Collection

Music City / Music State

Strengthening the Music Community of Burlington & Vermont

Our work has main objectives: 1) Strengthen Vermont musicians professionally and socially, building the confidence and friendships that help musicians help themselves and each other; 2) Foster the economic success of music in Vermont and champion its value; and 3) Preserve and celebrate the cultural legacy created by Vermont’s musicians.

We’ve been doing this since 1996 as a crew of mostly high school and college-aged volunteers. Big Heavy World is now a part of the international awakening of cultural communities called ‘music cities,’ and is bringing the best worldwide tools and practices to Vermont.

Vermont bands who’d like to lend their input and voices to this mission can join us via the Vermont Alliance of Musicians & Presenters.

Photo above: Justin Crowther at Burlington Record Plant.


Call to Artists

Opportunities for Vermont Musicians