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Current DJ Duff Sheffield
DJ Bio WOMM-LP Automation is the friendly robot who plays Vermont-made music from Big Heavy World's VT music archive whenever our human DJs are out picking flowers.
Time Title Artist Album Label Genre
02:15pm A Husband Is Andrea McArdle Perfect Picture (...But was all this real?) n/s n/s
02:10pm The Stars Divide Kristina Stykos Wyoming Territory n/s n/s
02:09pm Volition Django Koenig We Live On n/s n/s
02:03pm Mirror, Mirror Joe Adler Many Things n/s n/s
02:00pm The Tunnel Steve Blair Septet Ostinato n/s n/s
01:55pm Sometimes My Mothers Moustache Down From The Door n/s n/s
01:51pm Heaven Orange Mothers Big Blue House n/s n/s
01:49pm Nicky Says Black Rabbit Red Flannel Hash n/s n/s
01:46pm Lovesick Blues Mayfly Sweet Is The Morning n/s n/s
01:43pm Stealing Away The Cousins Project Beautiful Blood n/s n/s
01:38pm Track 08 Magic Carpet Music Disk 1 n/s n/s
01:35pm Singing Songs in Your Sleep Carraway Carraway EP n/s n/s
01:32pm Rock-N-Roll Victim Death ...For The World To See n/s n/s
01:29pm Electric Housewife Steph Pappas Miss Bliss (Greek Picnic) n/s n/s
01:24pm Chorundum Doug Perkins Music For Flat-Top Guitar n/s n/s
01:22pm Phantom Girl The Cush Transcendental Heatwave n/s n/s
01:19pm Z Time Metamorph E T H E R n/s n/s
01:12pm Rhyme Xenia Dunford His n/s n/s
01:09pm You Can't Lose What You Never Had Duane Carleton Rust n/s n/s
12:55pm The Bridge and the Musician Judson Kimble Seasons n/s n/s
12:52pm I'm Going Down That Road Feeling Bad Rik Palieri And George Mann The Almanac Trail n/s n/s
12:48pm Igor Steve Blair Septet Ostinato n/s n/s
12:44pm a year of waiting echoes and rumors n/s n/s n/s
12:43pm 30 to 40% Chance of Participation Be Aggressive! Onomato-topia E.P. n/s n/s
12:39pm Turn! Turn! Turn! Emily Nyman Peace Offering n/s n/s

Vermont Music Videos

A Few Official Videos From A State-Sized Collection

Music City / Music State

Strengthening the Music Community of Burlington & Vermont

Our work has main objectives: 1) Strengthen Vermont musicians professionally and socially, building the confidence and friendships that help musicians help themselves and each other; 2) Foster the economic success of music in Vermont and champion its value; and 3) Preserve and celebrate the cultural legacy created by Vermont’s musicians.

We’ve been doing this since 1996 as a crew of mostly high school and college-aged volunteers. Big Heavy World is now a part of the international awakening of cultural communities called ‘music cities,’ and is bringing the best worldwide tools and practices to Vermont.

Vermont bands who’d like to lend their input and voices to this mission can join us via the Vermont Alliance of Musicians & Presenters.

Photo above: Justin Crowther at Burlington Record Plant.


Call to Artists

Opportunities for Vermont Musicians