Joe Adler & The Rangers of Danger

Photos: Joe Adler & The Rangers of Danger, Live

Photos by Lily Chau.

Joe Adler and The Rangers of Danger perform at Rocket Shop Live at Main Street Landing on April 16, 2014. Big Heavy World, Main Street Landing, and RETN Channel 16 co-produced this monthly live concert version of Big Heavy World’s ‘Rocket Shop‘ local music radio hour, a weekly program on 105.9FM The Radiator, Wednesdays at 8pm.

Burlington, Vermont based singer/songwriter Joe Adler draws on influences that range from the blues, folk, and experimental tendencies of Tom Waits, to the poetic leanings of Leonard Cohen. Adler is known for playing in local groups The Wee Folkestra and The Wind Woods, and has toured the northeast as a solo artist opening for folk troubadour Nathan Moore. Adler has collaborated on stage live with such notables as Brad Barr (The Slip, The Barr Brothers), Russ Lawton (Trey Anastasio, Soule Monde), Marco Benevento, Yah Yah Abdel-Majid (Sun Ra Arkestra), Craig Myers (Barika, Rubblebucket), and Dave Dreiwitz (Ween). His debut album, Many Things & Many Scenes, is set to be released in early 2014.


Photos: Gregory Douglass Live

Photos by Lily Chau.

Gregory Douglass performs at Rocket Shop Live at Main Street Landing on April 16, 2014. Big Heavy World, Main Street Landing, and RETN Channel 16 co-produced this monthly live concert version of Big Heavy World’s ‘Rocket Shop‘ local music radio hour, a weekly program on 105.9FM The Radiator, Wednesdays at 8pm.

Gregory Douglass’ evocative, alternative sound blends “Rufus Wainwright´s opulent musicality and Justin Timberlake´s accessible soulfulness,” according to OUT Magazine. His recent spotlight on NPR’s “Morning Edition” has coined him “one of New England’s best-kept secrets.” Douglass has shared the stage with artists like They Might Be Giants, Shawn Colvin, The Weepies, Jason Mraz, Regina Spektor, and Margaret Cho. Douglass’ 2009 release BATTLER features duets with friends and fellow Vermonters Grace Potter (Grace Potter & The Nocturnals/ Hollywood Records) and Anais Mitchell (Righteous Babe Records), and he is currently touring in support of his latest release, LUCID, a dream-themed concept album, and ode to Kate Bush. Douglass is an internationally renowned independent musician with eight critically acclaimed albums under his belt. According to Pandora’s founder, Tim Westergren, Douglass is one of the top independent artists on Pandora radio today. Douglass has sold 100,000+ songs digitally on his own and his videos have amounted to over 600,000 views on Youtube alone. His music videos have charted numerous times on MTV Network’s LOGO TV. Douglass was a finalist in the 2011 Mountain Stage NewSong Competition and won’s “New Stage” competition, an original web series starring Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

Monday Night Wars

Big Heavy World B-Day At 242 Main

Photos By Morgan Laurie-Day

Big Heavy celebrated it’s 18th in style at 242 Main on April 12 with some of our favorite bands! Gorgon, Be Aggressive, Iron Sword and Monday Night Wars just to name a few. Check out shots from the show in the gallery.

Laboratory B

New BHW Forum; Zombie Archives Walk Again

Photos by James Lockridge.

Public forums are back on Big Heavy – long overdue after the old ones got steamrolled by Russian spambots. The new forums are made with Discourse and look great on your phone or tablet, too. We send big thanks to Evan Flynn and Aaron Lipman for setting them up. Leave your mark at

A blindingly awesome addition to the new forums is the rebirth of the OLD forums: Thanks to Ben Symonds and Justin England of hackerspace Laboratory B, the old forums have crawled back into the sunshine at


Ben Symonds and Justin England of Laboratory B.

Lane Gibson

Musicians for Musicians Panel: Preparing for Studio Recording, and the Recording Process

Join us Wednesday, April 16 at 7pm for a free music business panel discussion with studio owners Lane Gibson of Lane Gibson Recording and Mastering and Andre Maquera of West Street Digital Recording on the topic of studio recording – preparing, and the process. It’ll touch on what the recording process is generally like and what we as artists can do to make it go as smoothly as possible. Stories and experiences on what to and not to do, best practices, preproduction versus post, what is mastering, etc. Hosted by Steve Hartmann.  It’s part of the live concert event & radio, television, & streaming broadcast of Big Heavy World’s weekly ‘Rocket Shop’ local music radio hour, presented by Big Heavy World, Main Street Landing, & RETN. Live music starts at 8pm. The free panel is at Main Street Landing’s Black Box Theater at 60 Lake Street in Burlington and is accessible; for more information contact Mariah Riggs, (802) 540-3018.

Liam York

Liam York Joins BHW Crew

Photo by Lily Chau.

Liam York is jumping onto the BHW crew to help with everything we have going on. “Hey, my name is Liam and I am a senior in high school. I play accordion and love music, and I’m awesome at just about everything except being lame. I plan on going to college to study business and computer science, and then getting rich and famous.” We like his attitude. :)

DJ Jay’s Mix Tape Hour

DJ Jay

Jason Gross, otherwise known as DJ Jay, takes over the Radiator airwaves every Thursday evening from 5:55 to 7:00 with “DJ Jay’s Mix Tape Hour.” The South Burlington resident, originally from Connecticut, has been hosting his radio hour for about 2 or 3 years, and loves doing it. His natural passion and fascination with a wide variety of genres, centering on classic rock, but dipping into R&B, pop, country, and techno makes for a delightful hour of music with minimal commentary in between. Jason is a casual, thoughtful guy, and is always open to talking to new people and sharing his love of classic music, movies, (his favorite movie is Back to the Future) and entertainment. He eagerly accepts song requests, and remains open to discovering and adding new music into his repertoire.

Starting out giving his time to organizing the music archive of Big Heavy World, Jason, who grew up listening to radio frequently from a young age, spends much of his free time listening to music he’s collected over the years. Because of this, Fellow Radiator DJ, Ross Mickel, (who hosts radio show, “Bootleggers Beware”) recognized Jason to be a wise fit for radio, and pushed for Jason to host his own music hour.

Jason brings an exciting energy to BHW and to The Radiator through his developed and refined knowledge and enthusiasm for music, and genuine friendly spirit. Alongside hosting his music hour every week, he is a great help in organizing and labeling CDs around the station, and an active member of the BHW crew.

Tiny Sea Promotions

Rocket Shop 4/2/2014: Jerichovox; Tiny Sea Promotions

Photos by James Lockridge

(L-R: Kevin Sheltra of 490 Records and Renfro, Maya Sun Robedee-Molino, Laura Alger & Jackson Balling of Tiny Sea Promotions.)

Bolton’s guests on Rocket Shop tonight were Jerichovox and Tiny Seas Promotions with Kevin Sheltra from490 Records promoting Maya’s Really Big Benefit Show.

Tiny Sea Promotions:


Jerichovox. (Tiny Sea Promotions at top of post).


Quiet Lion

Photos of the Launch Party, Day #1: Quiet Lion; Bless The Child; Lynguistic Civilians

Photos by James Lockridge and Morgan Laurie-Day.

Day #1 of the Big Heavy World web site launch party brought Quiet Lion, Bless The Child and Lynguistic Civilians to Arts Riot. Thank you Felix Wai, Matt Palmieri, and Mitch at Arts Riot, our sponsors Battery Street Jeans and Advance Music Center, and all the band members that shared their talent in support of the Big Heavy World tour van!


Quiet Lion.

Quiet Lion

Quiet Lion.

Bless The Child

Bless The Child.


Bless The Child.


Lynguistic Civilians. Photo M. Day.


Lynguistic Civilians. Photo M. Day.


Lynguistic Civilians. Photo M. Day.


Lynguistic Civilians. Photo M. Day.


Photo M. Day.


Iron Sword

The Iron Sword Interview

Words by Jackson Balling. Photo by Morgan Laurie-Day.

Spring has filled the air, college kids such as myself are winding down into the few weeks of concentrated work, stress, and other experiences designed to prepare us all for the real world, and instead of focusing on those I was able to relax for a brief moment with the four guys from Iron Sword. Despite being an hour late, due to those experiences I was just rambling about, we got to talk about the upcoming Big Heavy World new website launch event on the 12th, which they will be headlining, and how it also happens to be the beginning of the end for them. As I found out rather suddenly, the sludgy, doom filled stoner metal group will be walking off into the most metal of sunsets after two years of living the college musician’s dream.

For those who haven’t been introduced to the group, they formed in early 2012 after becoming friends at their respective campuses and at local shows. Their full lineup was solidified by fall of the same year, with Mike Graham, Brandon Pratt, Ben Morrisette and Drew Storcks. After quick progression the four college guys settled into the sound that they blast at shows, using Iron Sword as the moniker for their ferocious yet self-proclaimed “chill natured” style of metal. Their history is filled with playing for fun, allowing it to be the reasoning behind any decisions, and it has been embraced by the metalheads of Burlington as well as throughout New England.

Their future was defined to me as the speakers of Mr. Mikes blasted “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and the kind of songs that get thrown on an NHL video game soundtrack, specifically NHL 2002, which all warranted a chuckle or slight crack of a smile as soon as they began. Following the upcoming show this weekend they’ll be playing a smattering of gigs across town, all before a big farewell show at their house at some point in June.

From there it became clear that their craziest experiences come at their shows, which should only build greater excitement for their performance this Saturday as well as the remaining shows they’ll be playing within the next two months. They described their EP release show as one where “everyone threw up”, with their music being the heavy soundtrack for a night of absolute insanity, which they seemed to revel in.

The level of chaos that they described hit its peak when I was told about a show in Maine that resulted in firecrackers being set off in the crowd. While that won’t be found at their upcoming 242 shows, their fun-loving nature and desire to have a good party will surely bring a level of intensity to the beginning of their farewell as Iron Sword. Beyond June isn’t too defined for the party lovers, but their love for making music that is as sludgy and heavy as possible doesn’t seem to be ending here.

Matt Kimball

Rocket Shop 4/9/2014: Matt Kimball & The BHW Web Site Launch Party (Day #2)

Photo by Lily Chau.

Matt Kimball joined host Bolton in the studio tonight to get the word out about Day #2 of the Big Heavy World new web site launch party, Saturday April 12, 4-10pm at 242 Main. Matt organized the show, bringing together tons of great bands. See info at

Video: Deb Flanders Live, Main Street Landing, March 19, 2014

Deborah Flanders performs at Rocket Shop Live at Main Street Landing on November 20, 2013. Big Heavy World, Main Street Landing, and RETN Channel 16 co-produced this monthly live concert version of Big Heavy World’s ‘Rocket Shop‘ local music radio hour, a weekly program on 105.9FM The Radiator, Wednesdays at 8pm.

Flanders’ clear soprano voice has been described as “vibrant” by Seven Days and “gorgeous” by the Times-Argus. She has been performing songs from the remarkable ballad collection of her great-aunt Helen Hartness Flanders for several years. Deb’s 1997 CD, Mother Make My Bed, paid tribute to her great-aunt’s life-long work and gave Vermonters a taste of the state’s extraordinary musical traditions. Deb’s latest CD (released in 2012), ‘The Female Highwayman,’ further expands her research into her great-aunt’s collections.

Video: Joshua Glass Live, Main Street Landing, March 19, 2014

Joshua Glass performs at Rocket Shop Live at Main Street Landing on November 20, 2013. Big Heavy World, Main Street Landing, and RETN Channel 16 co-produced this monthly live concert version of Big Heavy World’s ‘Rocket Shop‘ local music radio hour, a weekly program on 105.9FM The Radiator, Wednesdays at 8pm.

Joshua Glass is a singer-songwriter/pianist from Burlington, Vermont who has been steadily gaining praise for his unique musical stylings, impassioned live performances, countless collaborations with other musicians, and one doggone busy schedule—averaging over 100 shows a year since his 2011 solo debut. Drawing from influences like Paul Simon, Wilco, The Beatles, Damien Rice, and embracing a “pop sensibility and improvisational style reminiscent of Allen Toussaint” (BURLINGTON CITY ARTS), Joshua’s growing repertoire of original music is a blend of playful blue-eyed soul, handclap-heavy rock, and tender balladry—tied together by his soulful, haunting vocals and lyrics that toe the line between cryptic and brutally honest. Joshua, 28, is also known by his piano-pounding alter-ego WOMEN BE SHOPPIN’, a one-man show he dubs as “manic-depressive improv”. Utilizing a distinct rhythmic, orchestral approach to the piano, Glass delivers a blitz of constantly shifting keys and tempos, backed by homespun electronic beats and ambient effects. Described as “coming close to the aural equivalent of imbibing whiskey” (Henry Soule of SEVEN DAYS), Glass’ stream-of-consciousness style has kept audiences on their toes—fascinated, but never frustrated. In addition to his solo ventures, Joshua remains active as a backing/session musician, collaborating with artists like GREGORY DOUGLASS, JUSTIN LEVINSON & THE VALCOURS, THE BEERWORTH SISTERS, MYRA FLYNN, QUIET LION (w/ TOMMY ALEXANDER), AARON FLINN, BINGER, and others. For his contributions to the musical community, Joshua was voted by readers of prestigious newspaper SEVEN DAYS as Vermont’s “BEST SIDE MUSICIAN” of 2011. “Glass’ voice is reminiscent to Paul McCartney’s, as is his pop-influenced songwriting”, writes THE VERMONT CYNIC. “While he is a proficient guitar player, the piano is clearly Glass’ home. He constantly toys, smiles and rocks out on his 88 keys. His catchy—but not too catchy—lyrics and melodies keep the mood light and the atmosphere enjoyable.” Joshua Glass is currently in the process of recording an album of all-original material. Describing his upcoming debut as a record about “being crazy, being in love, and being crazy in love”, Glass is aiming for a 2014 release date—and staying busy every step of the way.