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Strengthening the Music Community of Burlington & Vermont

Our work has main objectives: 1) Strengthen Vermont musicians professionally and socially, building the confidence and friendships that help musicians help themselves and each other; 2) Foster the economic success of music in Vermont and champion its value; and 3) Preserve and celebrate the cultural legacy created by Vermont’s musicians.

We’ve been doing this since 1996 as a crew of mostly high school and college-aged volunteers. Big Heavy World is now a part of the international awakening of cultural communities called ‘music cities,’ and is bringing the best worldwide tools and practices to Vermont.

Vermont bands who’d like to lend their input and voices to this mission can join us via the Vermont Alliance of Musicians & Presenters.

Photo above: Justin Crowther at Burlington Record Plant.


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Current Show
Current DJ DJ Automation
DJ Bio WOMM-LP Automation is the friendly robot who plays Vermont-made music from Big Heavy World's VT music archive whenever our human DJs are out picking flowers.
Time Title Artist Album Label Genre
11:43pm Track 07 Justin Crowther Olvidalo n/s n/s
11:40pm Sand Castle Aram Bedrosian A Solo Bass Album n/s n/s
11:37pm Like Animals Poxy What's Eating You? n/s n/s
11:35pm Your Place And Mine Courtney Brocks You Just Watch Me n/s n/s
11:32pm Divided We Stand, United We Rise ( Divided we stand, united we rise ep 2004) Nick Grandchamp Orange Juice-War Still Sucks (2003-2007) n/s n/s
11:27pm Let's Get Together A2VT Let's Get Together (Single) n/s n/s
11:27pm Make Music Day (for the Radiator) PSA n/s n/s n/s
11:19pm No More Sad Songs (Featuring Patrick Heltz) Transitory Symphony Modern Music for Voice, Guitar n/s n/s
11:16pm Healthy and Alive Thesaurus Rex The Highly Selective Thesaurus for the Extraordinarily Literate n/s n/s
11:09pm Ain't It Something Django Koenig We Live On n/s n/s
11:05pm Thunder Lightning The Aerolites 34 Mansfield n/s n/s
11:00pm Could You Love Me Johnny Azer October 2013, Redone- 2nd Covers n/s n/s
10:57pm Middlesex Swale A Small Arrival n/s n/s
10:54pm Always argonaut n/s n/s n/s
10:52pm Graduation Day Aaron Flinn's Salad Days Half Mast n/s n/s
10:47pm Just Me and You Silent Mind Good Morning Mr. Bright n/s n/s
10:46pm Make Them All Last A Few Good Tools Songs For The Earth n/s n/s
10:42pm Carnage Black Rabbit Lipstick and Dynamite n/s n/s
10:40pm Return To Sender Mark Shelton Shake, Rattle n/s n/s
10:38pm IRISH Trilogy Joe Delaney Never Give Up! n/s n/s
10:36pm Rocket Surgery Be Aggressive! Onomato-topia E.P. n/s n/s
10:34pm The Dreidel Song (feat. Scott Wise) Scott Wise The Odd Potato: The Broadway Album n/s n/s
10:33pm Make Music Day (for the Radiator) PSA n/s n/s n/s
10:30pm Crumble The Sweet Remains Night Songs n/s n/s
10:24pm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail Good Ol' Boys / Dillards 1976/07/04 6th Annual Banjo Festival, Castleton, VT (1st Show, 11:40pm) n/s n/s