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Current Show Blue Suede Rock
Current DJ Stone Hill
Time Title Artist Album Label Genre
02:30pm A Natural Woman Aretha Franklin Greatest Hits Atlantic n/s
02:28pm I'll Follow the Sun Beatles Beatles For Sale Capitol n/s
02:26pm As Long As I Have You Elvis Presley King Creole RCA n/s
02:23pm Music To Watch Girls by Bob Crewe Geneeration Greatest Hits Dyno n/s
02:11pm Golden Autumn Day Van Morrison Back On Top Kapp n/s
02:08pm Nashville Cats Lovin' Spoonful Anthology Kama Sutra n/s
02:06pm From a Jack to a King Elvis Presley Essential 60's Masters RCA n/s
02:05pm Apple Blossom Time Jack Scott The Way I Walk Rollercoaster n/s
02:03pm All Shook Up Elvis Presley Prince From Another Planet RCA n/s
02:00pm Remember Then The Earls Remember Then Old Town n/s
01:59pm Shadowproof Abbie Morin Shadowproof n/s n/s
01:56pm Misty Mountains My Mothers Moustache Down From The Door n/s n/s
01:51pm Criminal Heart Gregory Douglass My Hero, The Enemy n/s n/s
01:47pm Devil Fruit Deep River Saints Acts Of American Homes n/s n/s
01:42pm Joyless (Pours Passive Fists Remix) Swale Direct Inbreds n/s n/s
01:39pm Loose Tooth Clever Girls Loose Tooth n/s n/s
01:36pm Throw Away Robb James Strange World n/s n/s
01:32pm Free Kirsti Blow Kirsti n/s n/s
01:28pm Stuck With You Quiet Lion Whatever You Say n/s n/s
01:25pm Rootbeerlington Tyler Daniel Bean Longing. n/s n/s
01:19pm Lucky Old Sun Seth Eames and Michael Chorney It Disappears n/s n/s
01:17pm Dunes Lizzy Fox Coming To n/s n/s
01:16pm Utitled Japhy Ryder If The Haves Are Willing n/s n/s
01:15pm Essex- ATI_PSA(Drug_take_Back)2 Essex-ATI PSA n/s n/s n/s
01:13pm Hand Me Down Reasons The DuPont Brothers A Riddle for You n/s n/s


October 2017
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Show name: Blue Suede Rock

Show info: 'Blue Suede Rock' explores the roots and growth of the heart and soul of Rock & Roll — the songs and the artists of the 50’s. 60’s 70’s with special emphasis on Elvis Presley, the King of Rock & Roll.