You’ve reached a unique cosmic destination, the spinning vortex at the center of almost 20 years of working to preserve and promote Vermont-made music: The VT Music Archive Audio Player. Browse 10,000+ Vermont-made songs, archived at Big Heavy World in a special collection that’s open to the public and listenable online. Each song can be ‘checked-out’ of the library while you listen to it; you’re having a singular experience, and anyone else will have to wait their turn to hear it. This is a good, old-fashioned listening library. The app was programmed by Code for BTV volunteer Nathan Haskins, and won third place in the 2013 MyWebGrocer HackVT hackathon. Nate wears the wizard hat.

We’re working to improve the app, to give it more features including social sharing and dropping in the most recent arrivals on this page where you’ll find them right away. If you hear anything you like, you might find it in our online VT music shop and if not, grab it directly from the bands. Your choice to support local music makes a giant difference; without it, a wonderland like this would never come to be. If you know of Vermont-made music that’s missing from the VT Music Archive ,  let us know!

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