Tonic Two

Tonic Two: Core Breach Burlington

Band : Bag of Panties, Barbacoa, Battershell, chainsaws.and.children, Chin Ho!, James Kochalka Superstar, Minimus, Non Compos Mentis, Sam Black Church, Spill, Starlight Conspiracy, The Implants, Touching Zoe, Wide Wail, Zola Turn
Title : Tonic Two: Core Breach Burlington
Release Date : September 1, 1999
Label :
Format : CD



Sixteen tracks of extreme RAWK. Burlington’s high-energy, high-volume bands are joined by friends of the local scene for this rock’n’roll revival. Boston’s The Noise says, “If this is an honest representation of their rock scene, our neighbors to the north are doing something right. “$4 from each sale benefits Spectrum Youth and family services.

The tracks: chainsaws.and.children, “cannibal:burn”; Zola Turn, “Tastes Like Nothing”; Minimus, “Down”; The Implants, “Anorexic Man”; Chin Ho!, “Talk You Down”; Starlight Conspiracy, “Despite the Rain”; James Kochalka Superstar, “Homebrew Show”; Wide Wail, “Headed for Glory”; Bag of Panties, “Lift a Finger”; Barbacoa, “Hammerhead”; Battershell, “Holy Roller”; James Kochalka Superstar, “Dog Party”; Sam Black Church, “We Come In Peace”; Touching Zoe, “Thank You”; Spill, “Drama Queen”; Zola Turn, “Falling”; and an MP3 bonus track: Non Compos Mentis Live.

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