Pop Pie

Pop Pie

Band : Aaron Flinn’s Salad Days, Chad, Chin Ho!, Cranial Perch, D. Jarvis Band, Gladly, James Kochalka Superstar, Joshe Henry, Lindy Pear, nrrrd, Philistines Jr., Stupid Club, The Happiest Guys in the World, The Zambonis, Zola Turn
Title : Pop Pie
Release Date : September 1, 1997
Label :
Catalog ref. : BHW-012
Format : CD



Big Heavy World’s Pop Pie serves up the HAPPYROCK of Burlington, Vermont on a silver (ok, aluminum) platter. It has 15 tracks of upbeat, melodic, ironic, neurotic, novel and dastardly clever pop, rock, slacker-pop, mock-rock, and singer-songwriter tunes that will make anyone’s day a better one. Pop Pie is community-sponsored and features tracks from Burlington’s native bands and their extended family. “Stocked with quality tunes… Pop Pie delivers the sweets,” said Vox. Shake It Up E-Zine says of Pop Pie, “Keep your ear in Vermont’s direction. There’s a pop rumbling there that may become a mighty roar!”

The tracks: Stupid Club, “Candy Music”; James Kochalka Superstar, “President Kochalka”; Zola Turn, “Racecar Driver”; Gladly, “Hydroflex”; Lindy Pear, “The Tradeoff In Vermont”; D. Jarvis Band, “Decide” (CD debut); Chin Ho!, “The Last Time”; The Happiest Guys in the World, “The World Is Big”; Cranial Perch, “Green Apple Girl”; Philistines Jr., “Analog vs. Digital”; ” Aaron Flinn’s Salad Days, “Where I’m At”; nrrrd, “Rule the World” (CD debut); The Zambonis, “Bob Marley & The Hartford Whalers”; Chad, “Jerry’s Gone”; and Joshe Henry, “Elephant,” (CD debut).

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