Hop 4

Hop 4: A Bumpnthump Electronic Loopngroove Compilation from the Green Mountains

Band : Belizbeha, DJ Frostee, DJ Hedfonz, Dream Party, Larow featuring Craig Mitchell, Mike M., Rascal
Title : Hop 4
Release Date : September 1, 2001
Label :
Catalog ref. : CD-BHW-10079
Format : CD



Kyle “Fattie Bumballattie” Thompson produces another underground masterpiece! This one’s the nine-track uptempo/house/club mix. Sponsored by: Higher Ground, Gravis, btownsound.com, Magic Hat, Red Square, Joyryde, Ecco, Kountry Kart Deli, and brendanburke.

The tracks: Dream Party, “Where Do I Go”; DJ Frostee (Frostee’s Stripped-down Mix), “I Jack the Disco”; Mike M., “N.Y. Funk”; Dream Party, “Hot Planet”; DJ Hedfonz, “Four:Twenty”; Larow featuring Craig Mitchell, “Closer”; “Emcee from Dingleheim”; Belizbeha (Orange Factory Mix), “Hold On”; and Rascal, “Love Yourself.”

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