Band : Casio Bastard, Champagne Dynasty, Dirty Blondes, Funkwagon, Great White Caps, Japhy Ryder, Lendway, Myra Flynn, Pariah Beat, Rustic Overtones, Seed, Steph Pappas Experience, Trapper Keeper, Waylon Speed
Title : HeavyFest
Release Date : May 1, 2012
Label :
Format : CD



The bands of Magic Hat’s HeavyFest! Great White Caps, Waylon Speed, Steph Pappas Experience, Lendway, Dirty Blondes, Seed, Japhy Ryder, Casio Bastard, Funkwagon, Myra Flynn, Rustic Overtones, Champagne Dynasty, Pariah Beat, and Trapper Keeper lend tracks to this commemoration of Magic Hat’s annual Big Heavy World fundraiser.

Big Heavy World
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