Band : chainsaws.and.children
Title : .daca.
Release Date : September 1, 2000
Label :
Catalog ref. : CD-BHW-10072
Format : CD



.daca. is a merciless inferno of industrial chaos, “low, thick guitars,” scorching vocals, and digital maleficence. “A sonic onslaught… C&C promises darkness and delivers it.” – The Burlington Free Press. “Armageddon is coming, and man is it pissed… a savagely wonderful CD,” – Joe Atherton. chainsaws.and.children perform their apocalyptic guitar-driven “tech-core” in the New England / New York region. This debut has torched the industrial charts, rising to #5 within days of release, presiding over nearly 600 other aspirants. MTV has licensed .daca. for Road Rules and their production for ABC, ‘Making the Band’ premiering March 24. Tracks have been synched to live extreme sport telecasts in Europe and Canada and live performance videos are currently being edited. Kind words from Album Network: “Wickedly programmed effects find an uneasy resting place amidst thunderous guitar and bass, with Dickson’s chilling vocals weaving a nightmarish narrative throughout… Their music isn’t for the faint at heart, but if you’ve got the guts, chainsaws.and.children will suck you into their dark world that is equal parts KMFDM, NIN and Evil Dead.” The Noise says, “These guys are Industrial with a mile-wide capital “I” made of Tungsten steel and a few thousand vats of lava.”

The tracks: “newthead”; “twisting.and.turning”; “cannibal:burn”; “isolation”; “100%”; “scream.johnny.scream”; “species.x”; “confession”; “excessive.loss.of.control”; “blinded.eyes”; and three remixes: “flame.on” (feelin’ the rage with frenzy mix by; “flame.on” (smoked mix by; “blinded.eyes” (transcorneal char scar mix by chief disinformation officer).

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