Sonic Tonic

Big Heavy World’s Sonic Tonic: From Burlington Vermont

Band : (sic), Barbacoa, Chin Ho!, Construction Joe, Cranial Perch, Five Seconds Expired, Gladly, Guppyboy, James Kochalka Superstar, Lindy Pear, Never Only Once, Rocketsled, Spill, Starlight Conspiracy, The Fags, Zola Turn
Title : Big Heavy World's Sonic Tonic: From Burlington Vermont
Release Date : September 1, 1996
Label :
Catalog ref. : BHW-001
Format : CD



The 16-track Burlington rocker! An alternative compilation: Seven Days says, “Something momentous will have to happen this year to knock this CD off my Top 10 list…” Northeast Performer calls it, “a remarkable representation of a burgeoning scene that deserves all the attention it has attracted as of late.” All proceeds from the community-sponsored Sonic Tonic CD benefit Spectrum Youth & Family Services.

The tracks: Lindy Pear, “Engine 4861″; Chin Ho!, “When Everything Explodes”; Never Only Once, “Rebuild”; Zola Turn, “Angels” (CD debut); (sic), “Pharmacopoeia” (CD debut); The Fags, “She’s Coming Over”; Rocketsled (last-ever release!), “Consumption”; James Kochalka Superstar, “Keg Party”; Barbacoa, “Delirium Tremelo”; Gladly, “Two Days” (CD debut); Starlight Conspiracy, “Empty Space”; Five Seconds Expired, “Sick of You”; Spill, “Tigger”; Cranial Perch, “Vampyre”; Construction Joe, “Lizard”; and Guppyboy. “New Orleans.”

Big Heavy World
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