242.01 The Bands of 242 Main

Band : 5% Joe, Absolute Zero, chainsaws.and.children, Dischord, Disillusioned, Downslide, Drowningman, Dysfunkshun, Five Seconds Expired, Minimus, Ninja Death Squad, Pleasant Tense, Prisoner 13, River City Rebels, STMP, Suffer The Masses, The Bazookas, The Halogens, The Magic Is Gone, Theatre of Cruelty, Torsion, Wreckinghorn
Title : 242.01 The Bands of 242 Main
Release Date : September 1, 2001
Label :
Catalog ref. : CD-BHW-10080
Format : CD



Twenty-two 242 Main-stagers contribute to this sonic tidal wave of punk, hardcore, metal, ska, industrial, indie rock, and just about anything else you could find on a Friday night down at everyone’s favorite all ages club. All proceeds benefit 242 Main. The tracks: Pleasant Tense, “The New Way”; Suffer The Masses, “Advancement”; Absolute Zero, “Annie May”; River City Rebels, “Religion”; STMP, “Time Kills All Pain”; chainsaws.and.children, “Isolation”; Theatre of Cruelty, “The Girl Who Stood On A Grave”; Dysfunkshun, “Company You Keep”; The Magic Is Gone, “Nixon”; The Bazookas, “Devil Dog”; Ninja Death Squad, “If God Hates Fags (I Hate God)”; Downslide, “Spiritscarred”; Five Seconds Expired, “Memory”; 5% Joe, “Letter From Luke”; Drowningman, “Angles And Defenses”; The Halogens, “Loudmouth”; Disillusioned, “Mind Of Doubt”; Prisoner 13, “No Regrets”; Wreckinghorn, “UFO”; Minimus, “Dirty”; Dischord, “Missing Dave”; and Torsion, “We All Die.”

242.01 was made possible by these generous sponsors: Gravis Footwear, Burton Snowboards, SoBe, Hot Topic, Burlington’s Community and Economic Development Office, Small Dog Electronics, Egan Media Productions, 99.9 The Buzz, and Jager Di Paola Kemp Design.

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