10th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards 2000 Sonic Sampler

Band : Beyond Control, Burning Candles, Carbon 9, chainsaws.and.children, Chin Ho!, Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, Darren Falcone & Thunderbox, Jared Douglas, Jenna Music, Lisa Lashawn, Paul Oscher, Pi Gamma, Raven Wylder, Saint Eve, The Push, Undercrush, Venesa
Title : 10th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards 2000 Sonic Sampler
Release Date : September 1, 2000
Label :
Catalog ref. : CD-BHW-10076
Format : CD



Big Heavy World proudly co-sponsors the 2000 Los Angeles Music Awards! We’ve co-produced this promotional sampler with the Los Angeles Music Awards executive team to showcase the incredibly diverse and talented artist nominees of the event. The CD was made possible by the sponsorship of Liquid Audio and Disc Makers. The packaging was created by Jager Di Paola Kemp Design. For information about the Los Angeles Music Awards visit

The tracks: Saint Eve, “Bridge Of Sigh”; Pi Gamma, “Hi”; Lisa Lashawn, “Hop On The Train”; Darren Falcone & Thunderbox, “8,000 Miles”; Beyond Control, “Understand Me”; Raven Wylder, “The Fifth”; chainsaws.and.children, “Scream, Johnny, Scream”; Venesa, “Millennium”; Paul Oscher, “All Night”; Jenna Music, “Learning To Live”; Jared Douglas, “Don’t Make Me Wait”; Chin Ho!, “(I Wish I Was a) Girl”; Burning Candles, “Raining In Dallas”; Undercrush, “Velvet Flr”; Carbon 9, “Ah Leh Lah”; The Push, “King For A Day”; and Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, “Shout Me Out.” (A promotional release. Not for resale.)

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