‘In Silver Light’ CD Release Party, May 25 at FlynnSpace

Our work at the Vermont Music Library and to restore the L.S. Gordon storefront is only possible with community support. Please join us at this event to enjoy performances by some of Vermont’s premier artists – while lending your support to our preservation efforts!
Live at the FlynnSpace, Friday May 25
7pm, $17.00, Student/Senior $14
In Silver Light‘ is a breathtaking sampler of Vermont’s singer-songwriting and instrumental music. Join the artists for a panoramic performance celebrating the release of this critically acclaimed CD and the Vermont Music Library’s work to preserve the state’s contemporary musical heritage. Performing: Spencer Lewis, Native Daughters (Deb Flanders & Michele Choiniere), Paul Webb, Aaron Flinn’s Salad Days, The Cush, Karen McFeeters, Social Band, Lar Duggan, Kris Gruen, James O’Halloran, Ken Mahren (and more!). Made possible by the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts.
Sample the music and learn more about the project here!. Proceeds from this event benefit the Vermont Music Library, vmls.org. Purchase your ticket at: FlinnTix or at the door.
Photos: Above, Aaron Flinn’s Salad Days; below, Kris Gruen.
Photo: Below, Karen McFeeters.
Photo: Below, Native Daughters (Deb Flanders & Michele Choiniere).
Photo: Below, Social Band.
Photo: Below, Ken Mahren.
Photo: Below, Paul Webb.

Late Snow

A late snow fell last night and was too pretty to not take a picture of. Here’s the archive from below the ledge.
This photo is of Hank Bissell’s old (apple?) tree, growing just below the stone ledge that the archive building is on. We’ve cleared most of the brush from around it and plan to finish the clean-up later this month. A spring runs by the tree and a glen of Forget Me Nots grow there.
The view in the photo above is from the facade of the building, looking to the West over Lewis Creek Farm, which is beautiful in any season.

Whistlin’ Wind

Photo: The future archival room can whistle a tune or two, but will need to be restored in order to house Vermont’s music from the 1950s to today. Efforts are underway to properly restore the entire building, but also create a special archival, climate controlled space.
Spring is right on track – maple sap is boiling and the silhouettes of geese can be seen flying over the open waters of our lakes. Cardinals are dotting the trees like sumac blooms and the melting ice and snow has made things accessible again. It’s time for us to get to projects we haven’t been able to get to in awhile. For us here at VMLS, it means rolling up our sleeves and taking a closer look at what the L.S. Gordon Store needs.
Repairs to the foundation and exterior of the building are first and foremost. We are keeping two things in mind as we move forward: immediate needs and long-term solutions. We want to avoid further exterior damage while also planning smartly for the future of the interior. It will be important to gather information and determine what impact our choices will have on what will become a special archival, climate controlled space.
Planned Spring projects are:
• Shore up the foundation
• Fix the floors and roof
• Reframe the windows and insert new glass
• Begin work on the siding in preparation for fresh paint

New Faces

VMLS welcomes Adriana Ramirez and myself, Tonya West, to the volunteer crew! We are looking forward to digging up and sharing bits of unearthed history and progress toward preserving the L.S. Gordon Store.
The foundation of the building was laid a long time ago, so now more than 100 years later we are exploring the framework – figuratively and literally. Adri will be piecing together the timeline from 1857 to present day. It’s our goal that this, with information gathered through interviews and research, will help to secure capital support for the restoration and help us register it as a historic building. I will be figuring out what work needs to be done in the immediate sense to save the building from future damage.
Together, Adri and I will also assist in the restoration plan, gather quotes to build a budget and represent the project at public appearances, including the Vermont History Expo coming up this June 23 and 24 in Tunbridge.
If you have any stories to tell about the L.S. Gordon Store, either past or present, please contact us. We would love to hear from you and weave your thread into our research and blog.
A junior at the University of Vermont, Adri is majoring in Sociology and Theatre and enjoys the music scene at Big Heavy World. Tonya is a Burlington native who works for an architectural firm and is a big lover of local music.

Craig Duckworth Screenprints New VMLS Archive Shirts

Craig Duckworth has printed new VMLS Archive shirts at his factory in Morrisville. They’re full color on unbleached cotton – beautiful! – and proceeds will support the restoration. The Ginny Joyner art is on the back and the VMLS logo is over the heart on the front. They’re $15 plus $5 postage (USPS Priority Mail) and we’ll be adding them to the VMLS.org store as soon as we can. Meanwhile, if you’d like one you can send a check to the VMLS with your shirt size: P.O. Box 428, Burlington, VT 05402.