Near North Band

Near North 27 September 2017 on Rocket Shop Radio Hour

Near North

Photo by James Lockridge/Big Heavy World.

Near North joined guest host Bob Colquhoun on ‘Rocket Shop‘, Big Heavy World’s local Vermont music radio hour on 105.9FM The Radiator. Catch up with them at

Join them for their record release party:

Listen to a replay here or via Rocket Shop Radio Hour on iTunes or Google Play

Julia Caesar

Julia Caesar 6 September 2017 on Rocket Shop Radio Hour

Julia Caesar

Live photos by Luke Awtry. Portrait photo by James Lockridge/Big Heavy World.

Julia Caesar joined guest host Paddy Reagan on a special edition of ‘Rocket Shop‘, live from Arts Riot.  Rocket Shop is Big Heavy World’s local Vermont music radio hour on 105.9FM The Radiator. Catch up with them at

See them live on:

Special thanks to Luke Awtry for the live photos from our inaugural show. Next Rocket Shop Live from Arts Riot is Wednesday October 4. Admission is free.

Listen to a replay here or via Rocket Shop Radio Hour on iTunes or Google Play


Matt LaRocca

Matt LaRocca 20 September 2017 on Rocket Shop Radio Hour

Matt LaRocca

Photo by James Lockridge/Big Heavy World.

Matt LaRocca joined guest host Caleb Humphrey on ‘Rocket Shop‘, Big Heavy World’s local Vermont music radio hour on 105.9FM The Radiator. Hear some of his music at

Listen to a replay here or via Rocket Shop Radio Hour on iTunes or Google Play

Hannah Hoffman

On the Next Rocket Shop Live at Arts Riot: Gestalt; Hannah Hoffman, October 4

Words by Big Heavy World. Photos courtesy the bands.

Join the studio audience for a free old school live radio show on October 4, as Gestalt and Hannah Hoffman perform at Arts Riot. Rocket Shop is Big Heavy World’s local music radio hour, broadcasting every Wednesday from 8-9pm on 105.9FM The Radiator, streaming at and in the iTunes ‘eclectic’ radio section. The show usually broadcasts from Big Heavy World/Radiator headquarters in the SEABA Center next door to Arts Riot, but this time around guest host Paddy Reagan and our guest musicians will share the Arts Riot stage next door at 400 Pine Street (Burlington) and everyone is invited to join the audience of this old-time broadcast!

Special thanks to RETN for taping the concert for television and to Joe Egan at Egan Media for recording the show! Catch up with podcasts of prior episodes in iTunes or at! The show is free, handicapped accessible and all-ages. Doors at 7pm, music at 7:45pm.



Gestalt (ɡəˈSHtält): The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Hard-hitting, melodic, anti-slacker, anti-apathetic, syncopated, unsyncopated, independent, alternative rock lover trio from Burlington, Vermont. Debut LP currently in the works.

Hannah Hoffman

Currently in the process of writing her second album, Vermont wood-dweller Hannah Hoffman finds herself consistently inspired by the drastically changing political climate, the continued fight for women’s rights, the metallic and ethereal, and the darker side of human nature.

Raised on her parent’s extensive collection of music, Hannah was fascinated with everything from Led Zeppelin and Joni Mitchell, to 80’s and 90’s music icons like The Cure, Tori Amos and Kate Bush. By age 15, Hoffman was writing her own songs and dreaming of bigger and better things. Hoffman started her own band in 2010 with musicians from the What Doth Life collective, and performed her soft, melodically-driven, melodramatic songs with rock instruments. Her experience in a rock band setting inspired her to branch out from her singer/songwriter roots to start writing heavier music that could easily accommodate the sounds of drums or electric guitar.

Hoffman’s debut album “Blur” was released in August of 2015, consisting of a collection of songs written from 2008-2014. Featuring guitar and bass played by her boyfriend, Graham Brooks (Barishi). The album was recorded by Brian Westbrook of PDP Productions (now Sonic Titan Studios) in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Hoffman has shared the stage with national touring acts Kat Wright, Antje Duvekot, Seth Glier & Hayley Reardon.

This event is made possible with support from the BCA Community Fund. This is a Vermont Arts 2017 performance.

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VT Arts 2017

Marice Providence

Marice Providence Joins Big Heavy World Video Crew

Words by Marice Providence. Photo by James Lockridge.

“We got BROOKLYN IN THE HOUSEEEE!! I’m Marice Providence. I aspire to create a better world with visual art. With a focus on video editing and photography I hope to become an Executive Producer for film some day. Champlain College has allowed me to better myself in those fields as I study Broadcast Media Production. I like to say I am a Multi-Media Producer because that’s what Champlain has made me. Thanks to all that is supporting and giving me the opportunity here in Big Heavy World.”

Caleb Humphrey

Caleb Humphrey Joins BHW Crew to Produce ‘Rocket Shop’ Local Music Radio Hour

Words by Caleb Humphrey. Photo by James Lockridge.

“My name is Caleb Humphrey. I’m a Burlington based musician, producer, composer and recent UVM Graduate. Music is my life, and I am always searching for a new sound. I live with the firm belief that the opportunity to create art is a human right for all individuals and that no community is complete without music and culture. I am excited to join the BHW Crew and hope that through this new experience, I will become a more active participant in the vibrant Burlington music scene.”

Jeremy Paiva

Jeremy Paiva Joins Big Heavy Video Crew

Words by Jeremy Paiva. Photo by James Lockridge.

“My name is Jeremy Paiva, I am a fourth year Broadcast Media Production major at Champlain College right here in Burlington. I am dedicated to both using my creative development skills to further BHW’s mission, as well as learning and growing in all areas of my field. My hobbies include traveling, hiking, and watching documentaries.”

Indie Kingdom students interview Paul Thea

WGDR’s ‘Indie Kingdom’ Wins Prestigious Third Round Funding From Vermont Community Foundation’s Innovations And Collaborations Grant; Expands with Partner Big Heavy World

Words and Photo by WGDR, Goddard College.

Indie Kingdom is the expansion of GDR’s general offering to its local youth for training in the arts and sciences of radio programming. Partnering schools and orgs will collaborate with GDR on the design of syllabi for area youth to learn media literacy, by meeting both radio station and classroom objectives/needs. Expansions to our prior offerings focus on the arts and science of producing compelling audio reports, creative communication skills and the trainer/teacher collaboration on production themes.

Trainer and teacher design curriculums that work similarly to a menu, offering schools a way to build unique programmatic outcomes (and durations) that meet state and common core standards. The big picture goal is to develop a curricular model that can be used and implemented by college and community radio stations and their area schools, regionally and nationwide. For this expansion Goddard sought funding from the Vermont Community Foundation through its Innovations and Collaborations initiative.

In year one (2015), we created and piloted in our partner schools a written, standards-based curriculum, offering professional guidance to teacher-partners in customizing and integrating IK into their pedagogical goals. WGDR staff worked with partnering schools, including Cabot School, Montpelier High School, and Randolph Union School to help their students learn about, create, and broadcast high-quality recordings of stories from their communities.

In year two we continued to implement the program in our partnering schools, and: 1) created a packet of materials, such as letters of agreement/memoranda of understanding (MOUs), lists of materials and necessary infrastructure, and samples of work, to more easily replicate this experience with schools and other community and college radio stations; 2) developed and strengthened relationships with other new potential partners, such as Big Heavy World, Vermont Public Radio, Vermont Community Arts Access, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB), and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

With this third year of funding (2017), we will partner with the respected Big Heavy World and with Savi Learning, the creators of the Launchpad app, to expand to Burlington. Big Heavy World seeks to engage young Vermont volunteers in the creation of live and recorded music. Music provides a sense of place and a platform of shared values and experiences that are the foundations of community. BHW’s programs include WOMM-LP ‘The Radiator’ 105.9 FM, a listener-supported media center whose programming fosters civic engagement and multigenerational technical education and empowerment. Savi Learning is an educational partnership that has developed LaunchPad, a powerful web app that helps teachers and students design relevant, engaging, real-world projects.

Alongside BHW and Savi Learning, WGDR hopes to advance our licensee’s mission of individualized life-long learning through the creation and implementation of credited, ethical youth journalism programs while developing a new generation of public media listeners. Also, we want to build innovative retention value for community and public radio stations by disseminating a successful model for partnership with their local schools.

“The public nature of radio adds a level of accountability and authenticity that is often hard to find in traditional class assignments. The result is that students’ individual investment is strengthened, pushing them to dig deeper in order to truly understand the information and make connections. Their questions in the interviews, attention to detail in the translations, and clarity in their presentation of the information were all notably improved over previous years’ work. Finally, the students take pride in their work!” – Colleen Purcell, AP Spanish Educator, Montpelier High School.

For Additional Information please contact Jackie Batten at or at 802-322-1686.

Photo of Indie Kingdom students interviewing Paul Thea, Cabot, VT.


Madaila 30 August 2017 on Rocket Shop Radio Hour

Eric Maier and Mark Daly

Photo by James Lockridge/Big Heavy World.

Eric and Mark of Madaila joined guest host Bob Colquhoun on ‘Rocket Shop‘, Big Heavy World’s local Vermont music radio hour on 105.9FM The Radiator. They were here to talk music and their big gathering on Saturday September 2, Madaila on Main.  They will be closing down Main Street in Burlington to headline a large lineup of bands including Turkuaz, Caroline Rose, Wild Adriatic, Rough Francis, Swale, Harsh Armadillo, and DJ Phantom.

Listen to a replay here or via Rocket Shop Radio Hour on iTunes or Google Play

Adam Desrochers

GoFundMe Campaign Helps Build Memorial Radiator Programmer Dream Studio

Early this year Big Heavy World and The Radiator lost a friend, Adam Desrochers, to a tragic car crash. Adam shared his love for music by hosting Rocket Shop, our local music radio show, a few years ago when regular host (and Adam’s good friend) Matt Gadouas couldn’t make it in. Adam had started to build a recording studio, a project that was left unfinished when he passed. His friends have started a GoFundMe campaign to help realize Adam’s passion.

If you didn’t know Adam, you would have loved him if you met him. Thanks for pitching in to make his hopes real, and help bring more music into the world in Vermont.