Swale “Drug Laws” Official Video Released

Video Directed by Nathan Beaman.

Published on Jun 26, 2017
From the 2017 album, “There’s No One Here” – http://swalesong.com

Director: Nathan Beaman
Director of Photography: Adam Lukens
Camera Operator: Jeff Holman
Camera Assistant: Joe Brady
Producer: Katherine Partronis
Assistant Director: Christi Williams
Art Director: Taybra Marchese
Gaffer: Cal Hopwood
Grip: Danielle Hazelton
Editor: Eric Olsen
Choreography: Megan Stearns
Troupe Choreography: Lois Trombley


MEETING MAKERS: James Bellizia, Todd Ciardelli, Jason Cooley, Amy Cronin, Michael Fisher, Ali Fogel, Jeremy Frederick, Zoë Furlong, Bobby Hackney, Jr., Troy Headrick, Jeff Holman, Jon Hughes, Brian Nagle, Eric Olsen, Jessie Owens

MASKED TROUPE: Kristin Brownlow, Amy Cronin, Amy Gilman, Trudy Macy, Jessie Owens, Sophie Pollack, Cayla Ann Tepper, Lois Trombley

Thanks to Richard Bailey and the generous staff at Memorial Auditorium

New A2VT Video: “Ghetto”

Words by David Cooper. Video Edited by Shavar Dawkins (Influence Media).

Burlington, Vermont based African musical group A2VT debuted their latest single with a music video called, “Ghetto.”

The song laments the plight of refugees worldwide, who leave behind the turmoil of their homeland for a better life in the West, only to find the grass not necessarily greener there, while at the same time being grateful for the hospitality. “Born in a ghetto, raised in a ghetto, come to America, still feeling ghetto,” sings Jilib. “That’s a common experience we have. We leave behind our poverty-stricken country in Africa, only to also find great poverty when we arrive here. It’s a shocking surprise compared to what we were taught about life in America.”

The video finds founding members Jilib and MG Man collaborating with five dancers, all who have come to the U.S. as refugees from several war-torn African nations. “We have been rediscovering our musical and cultural roots, yet with a very modern twist,” says MG Man, regarding the pumping electronic track that underlies the vocals, which are sung in English, Swahili and Maay Maay (Somali Bantu language).

The video was filmed in and around Burlington and Winooski, with an extensive indoor shoot at Talent Skatepark, featuring numerous local skateboarders, including Collin Hale.

A2VT are Jilib (Somalia), MG Man (Tanzania), with dancers Li’l B, Lu Swag, Prince Liv, Dogo Janja and Eric Barigiego. Additional information can be found at www.A2VT.com or email David Cooper, A2VTmusic@gmail.com

Video Info:

A2VT: Jilib (English, Maay Maay), MG Man (Swahili, English)
Special Guest: Li’l B
Dancers: Lu Swag, Prince Liv, Dogo Janja, Eric Barigiego.
Skateboarders: Collin Hale, James Ford, Cody Ly, Brendan Ly, Russell Looby, Alex Weiss, Jaron Thibault, Andrew Mindell, Sheamus Morrisey, Johnathan Townsend, Mikey & Tristan Delaportas, Axel, Ivan, Levi, Vera & Lisa Glenney, Joey Handy, Horace Williams, Ian & Myles Rossi.

Filmed at Talent Skatepark, Andy A-dog Skatepark and on location in beautiful Burlington and Winooski, Vermont.

Edited by Shavar Dawkins (Influence Media)

Song recorded at Creamy Goodness Studio, Burlington, VT. Produced by David Cooper.

A-dog artwork by Jozie Furchgott-Sourdiffe

Special team thanks: Hannah Deene Wood, Ben Bergstein, Ken French, Ahmed Kush, Vermont Community Foundation, Vermont Folklife Center.

The grandstands decided!

Big Heavy Takes A Demolition Derby Prize; Ian McCullough Captains Best Appearing Car

Photos by James Lockridge.

Big Heavy World’s “#10” came away from the 2016 Champlain Valley Fair Demolition Derby with a giant trophy for Maaco’s ‘Best Appearance’ contest and the chance at running yet another race with new owners. Ian McCullough stoically captained her into the fray, where the cars seemed to eat each other. #10 came out of it partially stove-in but in good enough shape to live on, traveling home with Burnett Scrap Metals, the kind donor of the car to our derby effort. Big Heavy sends extra special thanks out to everyone who pitched in to help make the derby possible and then have fun capturing it for history. Burnett Scrap Metals for donating the car; Center for Technology, Essex for making it run; Magic Hat for supporting its painting; Bond Auto for parts that got the car into the arena; Bee There Towing for getting the car where it needed to go and giving guidance and help to the students and Big Heavy crew; Jason Tooth and Brian Clark for being such generous, talented artists; and Ryan Krushenick for contributing to the inspiration, starting years ago. Double that thanks to Ian McCullough of Reverser for stepping up to — and into — something that in every way was a challenge to be fearless. Ian owned it as a brand-new demo derby driver, and Big Heavy World salutes.

Our experience was helped along with very kind communication from JM Motorsports, and we’re looking forward to video of the derby at Seven Days!

Justin Hoy on Volunteers Green, Richmond

Town of Richmond Teams with Local Arts Champion Big Heavy World to Serve Champlain Basin Musicians

Press Release by Big Heavy World.

Selectboard Inspires Collaboration; Empowers Arts Community

RICHMOND: Nonprofit music office Big Heavy World and the Town of Richmond are working together to expand the resources available to the musicians of the Lake Champlain basin. In the process, artists and arts advocates of the region have come together to begin discussion and planning for even wider activation of the arts community, for the benefit of Richmond and neighboring towns.

A resolution designating Big Heavy World to be a Local Arts Agency of Richmond qualifies the music office to pursue federal funding that may be redistributed to musical artists as grants. The grant programs that are the source of re-granting funds are managed by the National Endowment for the Arts, and are competitive.

Steve May, a Richmond selectboard member, guided the proposed resolution and moderated a public discussion on Thursday, June 30. Creative transportation design and an arts center emerged as prominent topics. The conversation revealed enthusiasm for collaborative efforts to use the arts to improve the quality of life in Richmond.

“The arts, especially music, brings people together. Richmond has scenic beauty and many venues that could be the foundation of an even more vibrant cultural community. With arts enriching our lives, contributing to our economy and making us a stronger community, Richmond will have an edge as a home and a destination,” said May.

“Richmond welcomes this partnership with Big Heavy World and the enthusiasm and resources they’ll bring to engage and celebrate our local music community,” said selectboard Chair Ellen Kane.

Richmond, organized in 1794, has a population of 4,100 and is located on Interstate 89 in Chittenden County on the eastern edge of the Lake Champlain Valley. Live music has historically been hosted in its public library, a bandstand on Volunteers Green, and in the 1812 Old Round Church preserved by the Richmond Historical Society, a National Historic Landmark.

Founded in 1996, Big Heavy World is an independent, volunteer-staffed music office with a mission of preserving and promoting original Vermont-made music. It operates diverse programs — many that are collaborative — serving musicians of all genres inclusively across the state. For more information, visit http://www.bigheavyworld.com

Contact James Lockridge, Big Heavy World, (802) 865-1140, jim@bigheavyworld.com, bigheavyworld.com

Photo: Justin Hoy of Halogen Media Works, co-producer of the Eat More Kale Festival and programmer of Magic Hat’s Heavyfest, is introduced to Volunteers Green in Richmond. Photo by James Lockridge.

The New Economistas

Make Music VT at Boulder Beach State Park

Make Music VT concert coordinator Gwendolyn Hallsmith presents at Boulder Beach State Park, 2278 Boulder Beach Road,
Groton on June 21.

The New Economistas

The New Economistas

(Concert time to be determined): The New Economistas sing songs for the New Economy. We use song to educate people about the problems and history of our current financial system. Read more at Seven Days!  https://www.facebook.com/TheNewEconomistas/

Make Music Vermont is a grass roots public music festival taking place all across Vermont on June 21, 2016. Anyone who finds themselves in Vermont on June 21st will be able to take part in the fun although if you find yourself in a Vermont State Park you will be in for a special treat. As an added bonus numerous Vermont State Parks will be hosting free live music during the afternoon! For a map of concert sites and the Make Music VT / international Make Music Day app, visit http://www.bigheavyworld.com/makemusicvt/

Make Music VT