Marice Providence

Marice Providence Joins Big Heavy World Video Crew

Words by Marice Providence. Photo by James Lockridge.

“We got BROOKLYN IN THE HOUSEEEE!! I’m Marice Providence. I aspire to create a better world with visual art. With a focus on video editing and photography I hope to become an Executive Producer for film some day. Champlain College has allowed me to better myself in those fields as I study Broadcast Media Production. I like to say I am a Multi-Media Producer because that’s what Champlain has made me. Thanks to all that is supporting and giving me the opportunity here in Big Heavy World.”

Jeremy Paiva

Jeremy Paiva Joins Big Heavy Video Crew

Words by Jeremy Paiva. Photo by James Lockridge.

“My name is Jeremy Paiva, I am a fourth year Broadcast Media Production major at Champlain College right here in Burlington. I am dedicated to both using my creative development skills to further BHW’s mission, as well as learning and growing in all areas of my field. My hobbies include traveling, hiking, and watching documentaries.”

Adam Desrochers

GoFundMe Campaign Helps Build Memorial Radiator Programmer Dream Studio

Early this year Big Heavy World and The Radiator lost a friend, Adam Desrochers, to a tragic car crash. Adam shared his love for music by hosting Rocket Shop, our local music radio show, a few years ago when regular host (and Adam’s good friend) Matt Gadouas couldn’t make it in. Adam had started to build a recording studio, a project that was left unfinished when he passed. His friends have started a GoFundMe campaign to help realize Adam’s passion.

If you didn’t know Adam, you would have loved him if you met him. Thanks for pitching in to make his hopes real, and help bring more music into the world in Vermont.

Andy Chess

Andy Chess Joins BHW Engineering Crew

Words by Andy Chess. Photo by Alice Koeninger.

“I come from a land down under… the Mason-Dixon line: Richmond, Virginia. I’m a Music Tech major at UVM, specializing in song production and live sound. I enjoy writing and playing music, attending shows, backpacking, and pole vaulting on the UVM track team. I look forward to getting to know you all.”

Alice Koeninger

Alice Koeninger Joins BHW Crew

Words by Alice Koeninger. Photo by James Lockridge.

“I’m a liberal arts student passionate about music and art and how both can affect the community in positive ways. Since my family just moved to Burlington a year ago, I’m excited to be able to get involved with local organizations that have the same values as  I do. Big Heavy World is an awesome organization that offers great opportunities to work with the music and arts community in Burlington and I am excited to explore all they have to offer.”

Dan O'Brien

Dan O’Brien Joins BHW Documentary & Outreach Crew

Words by Dan O’Brien. Photo by Alice Koeninger.

“Hello, I’m Dan, a broadcast media production major at Champlain College going into my senior year. I hail from the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts and have recently relocated to Burlington. Exploring different cultures has always been a passion of mine and music is the most pointed expression of any cultural identity. I’m looking forward to helping Big Heavy World continue chronicling and supporting the Vermont music scene and by extension the identity of Vermont.”

Ryan Breen

Ryan Breen Joins BHW Outreach & Archive Crew

Words by Ryan Breen. Photo by Alice Koeninger.

“Hi, I’m Ryan a recent graduate from Wesleyan University. I’m originally from the Philadelphia area but I’m happy to call Burlington home for the summer. Music has been my life for a while and I look forward to archiving and concert planning at BHW over the next few months. In my free time I love playing, recording, and writing about music as well as skateboarding (when the weather is nice). The Burlington music scene has been incredibly welcoming, and I can’t wait to hit the ground running at Big Heavy World.”

Dave Heath

New Marketing & Development Crew: Dave Heath

Words by Dave Heath. Photo by James Lockridge.

“I am a 2017 graduate of Champlain College’s Stiller School of Business, with a passion for music and the music industry. In my free time I enjoy music production, and have a DJ residency on Church Street in Burlington. I am joining the Big Heavy World Marketing Team, and will help manage promotional materials as well as coordinate some of the events BHW is involved with this summer.”

Tristan Nguyen

Tristan Nguyen Joins Crew as Graphic Designer

Words by Tristan Nguyen. Photo by James Lockridge.

“I was born in Connecticut but am a resident of Vermont. I came here for school to study graphic design and am soon graduating from Champlain College. Currently I’m volunteering at Big Heavy as a designer, helping with poster and editorial design, but of course I’ve always been interested in working within the music industry. Big Heavy World was the place in mind when it came to music development run and operated by volunteers.”