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Call to Artists, July 2017: SXSW Showcase; VT Music Summit; Local Music Radio; Save 242 Main; VT Music Archive Volunteers Wanted

Photo of Get A Grip at SXSW in Austin, TX by Morgan Day.

VT Bands! Below is our current post to a few Burlington Front Porch Forums. We hope you’ll take note of the projects and resources and help spread the word by passing this info along, especially via your own Front Porch Forum, social media, or newsletters. Big Heavy World is a grass roots nonprofit that’s run by volunteers, and you can join in our mission to serve all of Vermont’s music by sharing these opportunities. If you want to help us at HQ, too, reach out any time!

Attn: Local Musicians (Resources & Opportunities)

Big Heavy World is Vermont’s independent, volunteer-run music office, preserving and promoting all VT-made music with a volunteer crew since 1996, Here’s news and opportunities from HQ! *** OFFICIAL SXSW VERMONT MUSIC SHOWCASE IN PRODUCTION *** Big Heavy World is working on a showcase of Vermont artists for SXSW in 2018. If interested, follow this link to apply to SXSW before October 20 then register with Big Heavy World (free) at (see the button at the bottom of the page). *** VT MUSIC SUMMIT SEEKS ARTIST INPUT *** We’re also in the planning stages of a November VT Music Summit to be hosted in Burlington. Save the date: November 10 & 11, and please send us your thoughts about useful or interesting panel discussion topics! (Thanks!). This project is supported in part by an award from the BCA Community Fund. *** YOUR INVITATION TO LOCAL MUSIC RADIO *** Our local music radio hour, ‘Rocket Shop,’ is heard every Wednesday, 8-9pm, on 105.9FM The Radiator and its streams. Original Vermont-based musicians, please reach out any time to schedule a guest appearance, Info, This project is supported in part by an award from the BCA Community Fund. *** RECORD A STATION ID *** The official legal I.D. for the community radio station operated by Big Heavy World is “WOMM-LP Burlington,” which we announce on air every hour. If you’d like to send us an MP3 with your band announcing that phrase along with info that gives you some exposure, too, feel welcome to! And don’t forget to put a bit of your music in it! An example script could be, “I’m [Name] of [Band Name}. You’re listening to 105.9FM WOMM-LP Burlington. Hear local music on The Radiator, including us, and hear more [Band Name] at [Band URL]!” You’re the artist; be as creative as you’d like! *** HELP SAVE 242 MAIN: A HISTORIC VT MUSIC VENUE *** Please consider signing the petition at http://www.save242main that could help us save America’s longest-running all ages punk rock venue… located in Burlington! 242 Main has been important to thousands of young lives and inspired dozens of bands. Let the City of Burlington know it should exist into the future. *** VT MUSIC ARCHIVE EXPANDS, NEEDS VOLUNTEERS *** The VT Music Archive at Big Heavy World has thousands of original VT-made recordings in it. With a recent upgrade to our library catalog system we’re expanding info about the albums and adding album art. With the new library catalog, other library systems can find and explore Vermont’s music history, putting our state on the nation’s cultural map. We could use a LOT of help scanning cover art and adding information from liner notes to the growing database. If you’d enjoy putting some meditative hours in at Big Heavy HQ on Pine Street in Burlington (next door to Speeder & Earl’s) or at the Fletcher Free Library on Wednesdays, email and come meet the crew! *** THANKS! *** Big Heavy World thanks our many community supporters, including Magic Hat, the BCA Community Fund, The Vermont Community Foundation, the Vermont Arts Council, VCAM, Burlington Parks, Arts & Waterfront, the Town of Richmond, Keurig Green Mountain, The Vermont Women’s Fund, and all our allies in the mission to help others realize how diverse and talented Vermont’s musicians are!

Rik Palieri

SongFarmers Welcome Acoustic Musicians to Free Jam in Kingsland Bay State Park June 21 During Make Music VT

Photos courtesy Rik Palieri (above).

Welcome-in the summer on June 21 with a fun free acoustic jam hosted by Rik Palieri and The Vermont SongFarmers Club of Hinesburg at Kingsland Bay State Park, 3pm to 7:30. The Vermont SongFarmers is branch of The WoodSongs Front Porch Music Association that is helping get musicians to gather and plant musical seeds for a better world. Everyone who plays an acoustic instrument or just wants to sing along is welcome to participate. For info, contact Rik at (802) 482-3185 or Kingsland Bay State Park is located at 787 Kingsland Bay State Park Road in Ferrisburgh.Vermont SongFarmers ClubMake Music VT is a Vermont Arts 2017 event.VT Arts 2017

Church Street Marketplace

Call To Musicians: Perform On Church Street Marketplace June 21 During Make Music VT

Burlington’s Church Street Marketplace welcomes musicians to participate in Make Music VT, performing on the beautiful central downtown pedestrian shopping mall on June 21! Make Music VT is Vermont’s statewide celebration of music, with free public performances across the state. It’s part of the international Make Music Day festival, happening in over 700 cities across the globe. Register as a musician at and submit your request for a time slot on the Marketplace — the Make Music VT crew at Big Heavy World will respond. And musicians everywhere are welcome to put their own concerts on the Make Music VT map, too — register yourself, your performing friends, and light up a porch or park of your own! Learn more about Make Music VT at and find the Church Street Marketplace at

Make Music VT is a Vermont Arts 2017 event.VT Arts 2017

Kingsland Bay State Park

Call to Musicians: Bring Music to a State Park on June 21

Photo of Kinglsand Bay State Park by Vermont State Parks

June 21 is Make Music Day over 750 cities in 120 countries across the world – a day of performances in celebration of music in all its forms. In Vermont, state parks will host live music, free to the public. Make Music VT is the first statewide festival participant since Make Music Day was established as Fête de la Musique’ in France in 1982. Our state parks have been an ally in bringing it to Vermonters across the state. Music in Vermont’s state parks is coordinated by volunteers — people with friendly ties to musicians who might welcome the opportunity to simply play, to share, on this special day that unifies a love for music across the globe. Some state parks already have music coordinators preparing performances on June 21, and several opportunities remain open to new volunteer programmers. Grand Isle State Park and Kingsland Bay State Park have music stewards bringing artists together already. Other state parks welcome curation of music on June 21 and volunteer programmers/site hosts are needed: Bomoseen, close to Rutland; Boulder Beach in the Groton Forest area; Jamaica and Camp Plymouth, in southern VT; Elmore in northern VT; and Emerald Lake in the town of Dorset. If you’d like to bring musicians to a state park on June 21, gathering the resources that would make a performance possible, please email the Make Music VT crew at Big Heavy World, for more info and see

Make Music VT is a Vermont Arts 2017 event.VT Arts 2017

Dave Keller

Call to Artists: Make Music Day in VT Seeks Musicians and Music Coordinators, June 21!

Press Release by Big Heavy World. Photo of Dave Keller by Stefan Hard.

BURLINGTON — On June 21 Vermont historically joins 120 countries in simultaneously celebrating music across the landscape, participating in the annual international ’Make Music Day’ celebration on the summer solstice. Founded in France in 1982 as ‘Fête de la Musique,’ it is brought to Vermont as ‘Make Music VT’ by Big Heavy World. A free day-long public celebration of music in all its forms, Make Music VT encourages Vermonters of all ages to join together and play at porches, sidewalks, stores, and stages. Make Music VT includes everyone from high school bands to marquee names, and people who have never touched an instrument, playing and learning alongside experienced musicians.

This year, more than 50 U.S. cities are organizing Make Music Day celebrations, creating thousands of music making opportunities nationwide. Vermont joined this worldwide festival in 2016 as the first entire U.S. state to participate — more than 700 cities have led the way, including New York, Brisbane, Prague, Edinburgh, and Vienna.

Artists who’d like to participate should register at, as well as anyone who would like to coordinate a concert. Whether on a porch or in a park, the event is meant to help Vermonters experience the joy of live music, making it free and festive during a day of sharing. To help prepare for the summer event, musicians and concert coordinators are encouraged to register now. Registering is free, like all Make Music VT concerts. There is a special need for experienced small-scale acoustic concert presenters to help bring Make Music VT into Vermont’s state parks, a unique opportunity provided by the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation.

Early Make Music VT supporters and participants include Burlington’s Church Street Marketplace, Burlington City Arts, Advance Music, the Dynamic Events performance network of central Vermont, the Vermont Arts Council, Burlington Parks, Recreation & Waterfront Department, Vermont State Parks and more.

Make Music VT is hosted by Big Heavy World, Vermont’s independent music office — a nonprofit organization promoting and preserving the original music of the state, Big Heavy World is a member of the Make Music Alliance,, the national coordinator of Make Music Day in the U.S.

Make Music Day in the U.S. is sponsored in great part by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM),

For more information:

Contact: Mary Haines and Connor O’Donnell, Big Heavy World, (802) 865-1140,

Photo: Burlington City Arts hosts soul and bluesman Dave Keller during Make Music VT, performing in Burlington’s City Hall Park on June 21. Photo by Stefan Hard.

Make Music VT is a Vermont Arts 2017 event.VT Arts 2017

Tintype Portrait Night Poster

Tintype Portraits to Be Taken at Lamp Shop March 11. (Best. Band portraits. Ever.) With Tyler Daniel Bean; Adrian Aardvark

Press Release by Big Heavy World. Photos by Jeff Howlett.

Photographer Jeff Howlett will be returning to Vermont to set up his portable tintype studio for an afternoon and night at Light Club Lamp Shop, Saturday, March 11. The public is invited to have individual, family, and band portrait heirlooms taken in this timeless medium from 2pm until closing, 10 North Winooski Avenue, Burlington, Vermont.

DJ Taka, Heloise & The Savoir FaireEric Sommer, Tyler Daniel Bean, and Adrian Aardvark (NY), will all be on stage, starting early (see Radio Bean for times, starting super early!). Admission is free until 9:30pm, when admission will then be $10. Admission for tintypes and music is all ages until 11pm. At 11pm, admission is 21+. Tintypes taken at Lamp Shop are 4” x 5” and cost $50.






Jeff Howlett is the director and producer of the acclaimed documentary ‘A Band Called Death,’ and expatriate of the mid-1990s Burlington music scene as frontman for alt/sludge metal bands Slush, Five Seconds Expired and Non Compos Mentis. Big Heavy World and Radio Bean encourage local musicians of all ages to get their tintype taken by a homecoming local colleague. For more information and a portfolio of tintypes visit

Introduced in the mid-19th century, each tintype photograph is individually created by coating, sensitizing, exposing and developing a metal plate as the subject sits for the portrait session. Many Civil War era photographs were created with this historic technology, which provides a hauntingly beautiful and permanent image especially suitable for heirloom portraits of individuals, families, and bands.

Tintype of Death

Howlermano Photography :
Mobile Tintype Wagon :
Director/Producer : A Band Called Death –
Howlermano Productions LLC:

O.N.E. Ramble, photo by Dawn O'Connell

So Little Time… So Much Ramble July 30!

Info by the O.N.E. Ramble. Photo by Dawn O’Connell.

The deadline for SIGN-UP SHEETS is WEDNESDAY, JULY 20th! Don’t know what I’m talking about?

The Ramble, an annual celebration of creativity and community in the Old North End since 2004, wants you to participate by performing, playing music, running a “Ramble special” at your business, showing off your artwork or garden, having a yard sale, teaching a workshop, vending, or doing whatever your BIG heart desires! Tell us what you want to do with this link We list the events on a map, a free guide to this fun filled day, happening throughout the ONE! What kind of fun? Field Days-Balloon toss! Sack Races! Tug o’ War! Arm Wrestling!; Steph Pappas serenading us from her porch; Yoga classes-the hot kind and the outside kind; purchase handmade creations directly from artists at Decaturfest after you sing your favorite David Bowie song in the karaoke competition; chalk-up a great time to making a chalk-art mural; bedazzle your bike before heading out on a community wide ride through the ONE, ending at the Ramble Round-Up, our version of a block party-complete with ONE food vendors and live music. Enjoy the show with local brew from our beer garden. MUSICIANS: If you live or work in the ONE or grew up here, lived here a long time, etc., you should be heard during The Ramble!

There’s more! And room for more! But I’m RAMBLING… ALSO IMPORTANT, The Ramble is a community driven event and we need volunteers. Please email and be a Ramble hero!

Firstly, we could really use a VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: We’re pulling it off, but would be ever so grateful to have help fielding all of the below volunteer opportunities.

Can you be a RAMBLE ROUSER on the beat (to a different drum?) We need people to go out and recruit-personally talk to business owners and get them involved. We especially would like a point person willing to connect with the small markets on North Street.

CURATOR: Someone willing to recruit artists and spaces for art shows/pop-ups, help hang art, take down art. You know, make a facebook page to recruit artists and locations and list a call for ONE artists in 7days.

YARD SALE LIASON: Someone to compile a list of all the yard sales, link it to our website, hang yard sale signs, and place ads in our local periodicals, craigslist, and whatever yard sale fanatics read!

Are you good on the phone, even better via email and familiar with google docs?

We need an In-kind donation solicitor seeking food, BBQ related goods, printing supplies, and a BOUNCY HOUSE…yes, NEED!

Could you join our fundraising team, follow up with former sponsors and seek new sponsorship? I know, it’s more realistic to get someone(s) to sponsor a bouncy house, but can we pleeease get a bouncy house?

Are you app savvy? Could you make a Ramble app similar to that Pokemon Go thing everyone is talking about? For all of you that just rolled your eyes, reminder: The Ramble is for everyone. For those of you who got WAY too excited, you probably should put your phone on silent and really GO TO THE RAMBLE! (Sorry, even in the summer it’s hard to shake my “teacher voice.”)

…or please help…


DISTRIBUTE MAPS DELIVER FLAGS (the things displayed to mark an event)

CANVAS the lower North St. neighborhood area with noise concern flyers and secure support from residents for live music.

SCREEN PRINT. Saturday, July 23rd we’re getting together to handprint merchandise (sold during The Ramble for only $5 each) between 4-7pm behind the building at 12-22 North St. See details on facebook with this link

AT THE RAMBLE: Man the merchandise table and help sell those hand-printed Ramble garments.

Help transport the merchandise to a different site.

BBQ Griller.

Support an event in need, if needed.

THE RAMBLE ROUND-UP: Set up Cleanup DLC certified? Help check ID’s and keep the beer garden secure.

Have a thing for reflective vests, walkie-talkies, not afraid to use a bullhorn and care about the safety of others? Take a turn manning the barricades. Training before the event required.

POST RAMBLE: Collect flags Take down posters



Call to Artists: SXSW Showcase Applications Now Being Accepted

Photo of Hinds by Alexa Wagner, courtesy SXSW.

Vermont bands: now’s the time to submit applications to showcase at SXSW in Austin, March 13-19, 2017, the country’s largest music festival and an intense educational and potentially career-building experience for any artist.

SXSW 2017 Early Deadline: Friday, September 9, 2016 at 11:59PM EDT ($35 fee)
SXSW 2017 Final Deadline: Friday, October 21, 2016 at 11:59PM EDT ($55 fee)

Visit for all the information.

Stay tuned for updates as Big Heavy World works to create another official SXSW Vermont music showcase in 2017: Join AMP VT (it’s free) to hear about it first!

Northern Exposure Concert Series Seeks New Local Bands & Artists

Press Release by Higher Ground. Photo of REDadmiral by Patrick Freeman.

Higher Ground is proud to announce the return of the Northern Exposure Summer Series. After a three-year hiatus, Northern Exposure is back to provide an opportunity for up-and-coming Vermont bands to take the stage in the Higher Ground Showcase Lounge. With four Thursday nights throughout the summer dedicated to showcasing emerging local talent – June 16th, July 14th, August 4th, and August 25th – Higher Ground is thrilled to provide an opportunity for developing acts to show their stuff at Burlington’s premier music venue. Think of it as a farm-system – artists that impress the HG-team will be considered for slots supporting larger national acts at Higher Ground! The shows are all ages, only cost $6, and will feature 3-4 acts. If you’re a motivated band that wants to play Higher Ground, this is your chance. Interested performers should email Mark Balderston at, with the subject line “NORTHERN EXPOSURE: your band name.” HG Northern Exposure Summer Series

Thursdays, July 14th, August 4th, and August 25th, 2016 $6 Advance / $6 day of show Higher Ground Showcase Lounge, South Burlington, VT Doors: 8pm, Show: 8:30pm All Ages. Tickets at, by phone at 802.652.0777, and in person at the Higher  Ground box office.

Steve Cook

Big Heavy World Launches New Live Music Calendar with Support from VT Dept. Tourism & Marketing (Bands — Add Your Shows!)

Words by Big Heavy World. Photo of Steven Cook by James Lockridge.

A longtime dream of hosting a live music events calendar that reflects the music community across the state is becoming real. Big Heavy World has been welcomed into a new statewide network of event calendars hosted by the Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing, first created in 2015 as a collaboration of VDTM, The Vermont Chamber of Commerce, and the Everwondr network.

The calendar network combines event information that is entered into its database from all over the state. Concerts added to the Big Heavy World calendar at will get seen throughout the growing network, including the web sites of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, NEKTA, Catamount Arts, Main Street Landing, Okemo Chamber of Commerce, Woodstock Chamber of Commerce, Newport Chamber of Commerce, Addison County VT, Higher Ground, and the City of Montpelier. The calendar can be searched by keyword, radius around where you are, or region of the state.

Steven Cook, Deputy Commissioner of Tourism, says, “The Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing is extremely excited to work with organizations to promote unique events, performing arts and visual arts exhibits using the Everwondr network. We feel that this is a great way to inform our visitors of interesting events and make it easier for event organizers to promote their events to a wide network.”

Vermont bands: Be sure to add your shows to the calendar!

Big Heavy World’s participation in the network is made possible with support from the Vermont Dept. of Tourism & Marketing.