Tintype Portrait Night Poster

Tintype Portraits to Be Taken at Lamp Shop March 11. (Best. Band portraits. Ever.) With Tyler Daniel Bean; Adrian Aardvark

Press Release by Big Heavy World. Photos by Jeff Howlett.

Photographer Jeff Howlett will be returning to Vermont to set up his portable tintype studio for an afternoon and night at Light Club Lamp Shop, Saturday, March 11. The public is invited to have individual, family, and band portrait heirlooms taken in this timeless medium from 2pm until closing, 10 North Winooski Avenue, Burlington, Vermont.

DJ Taka, Heloise & The Savoir FaireEric Sommer, Tyler Daniel Bean, and Adrian Aardvark (NY), will all be on stage, starting early (see Radio Bean for times, starting super early!). Admission is free until 9:30pm, when admission will then be $10. Admission for tintypes and music is all ages until 11pm. At 11pm, admission is 21+. Tintypes taken at Lamp Shop are 4” x 5” and cost $50.






Jeff Howlett is the director and producer of the acclaimed documentary ‘A Band Called Death,’ and expatriate of the mid-1990s Burlington music scene as frontman for alt/sludge metal bands Slush, Five Seconds Expired and Non Compos Mentis. Big Heavy World and Radio Bean encourage local musicians of all ages to get their tintype taken by a homecoming local colleague. For more information and a portfolio of tintypes visit howlermanophotography.com

Introduced in the mid-19th century, each tintype photograph is individually created by coating, sensitizing, exposing and developing a metal plate as the subject sits for the portrait session. Many Civil War era photographs were created with this historic technology, which provides a hauntingly beautiful and permanent image especially suitable for heirloom portraits of individuals, families, and bands.

Tintype of Death

Howlermano Photography : http://www.howlermanophotography.com
Mobile Tintype Wagon : http://www.tintypewagon.com
Director/Producer : A Band Called Death – http://www.abandcalleddeath.com
Howlermano Productions LLC: http://www.howlermano.com


Win Carnifex Tickets! March 2 at Higher Ground

Visit the Big Heavy World Facebook page, like and share the Carnifex ticket giveaway post, and we’ll announce the randomly-chosen winner of a pair of tickets on Wednesday night. For more about the show (with Rings of Saturn (CA), Lorna Shore (NJ), and She Must Burn (UK)), see http://www.highergroundmusic.com/event/1401680-carnifex-south-burlington/

Pearce Stevens

Pearce Stevens Joins Big Heavy World Marketing Crew

Words by Pearce Stevens. Photo by James Lockridge.

“I’m a senior at Champlain College, studying Graphic Design & Digital Media. I enjoy music, skateboarding, snowboarding, design, art, and fashion. At Big Heavy World, I am helping to rebrand The Radiator station’s identity, as well as providing other graphic design and communication contributions.”

Mark Redmond

Mark Redmond, Executive Director of Spectrum Youth & Family Services, Interviewed for 242 Main Documentary

Photo by James Lockridge.

Mark Redmond, Executive Director of Spectrum Youth and Family Services, was interviewed by Bill Simmon at the VCAM studio for the 242 Main documentary today. For more about the film see https://www.bigheavyworld.com/blog/2016/10/17/242-main-documentary/

Mary Haines

Mary Haines Joins BHW ‘Make Music VT’ Festival Crew

Words by Mary Haines. Photo by James Lockridge.

“Hello! My name is Mary and I study communication and design at UVM. I’m super excited to be working with everyone at Big Heavy World and I’m looking forward to mixing my passion for music and supporting local artists into my work. Over the next few months, I’ll be working on this summer’s music festival, Make Music VT. I can’t wait to see our success in bringing the community together to celebrate its talent and diversity!”

Tom Downey

Tom Downey Returns to Radio Station Development Crew

Words by Tom Downey. Photo by James Lockridge.

“Second semester senior at Champlain College studying business administration. A huge local Vermont music enthusiasts and skier. If I’m not on the mountain I’m trying to help support the Burlington music scene. At Big Heavy World I spend most of my time searching for companies and people alike who want to contribute to our radio station.”

Connor O'Donnell

Connor O’Donnell Joins Make Music VT Festival Crew

Words by Connor O’Donnell. Photo by James Lockridge.

“Hello! I’m Connor and its a privilege to work with the folks at Big Heavy World! I have a passion for connecting people and energy through music and art. I will be working on this summer’s music festival and management and look forward to the journey to come! I love scoping out new sound as well as resurfacing the old. I am excited to help unify our city of Burlington and spread the love of live music for all.”

Julia Crisman

Julia Crisman Joins Music Archive Crew

Words by Julia Crisman. Photo by James Lockridge.

“Hey! My name is Julia Crisman, I’m a recent alum of Saint Michael’s College and I’m super stoked to be working with Big Heavy World. As someone who loves music, being able to look through and organize decades of Vermont’s own artists is a really awesome opportunity! Can’t wait to see what Big Heavy World has in store for me!”

Steven Murray

Steve Murray of Call Shotgun Joins Big Heavy Outreach & Production Crew

Words by Steven Murray. Photo by James Lockridge.

“Hi, My names Steven Murray and I’m a Junior at Saint Michaels College and I wanted to join the Big Heavy World crew because I saw it as an opportunity to take part in maintaining the underground music scene here in Vermont and to do something passionate in my field of Media Studies as well. I play in a punk band from Plattsburgh, NY, Call Shotgun and through playing shows here in Vermont I’ve witnessed first hand the vitality of the music community in this state. I firmly believe that we need as much DIY and independent music as possible right now and through Big Heavy World I want to contribute to maintaining it as a channel for artistic expression.”