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105.9FM The Radiator: Stream & Schedule

Meet The Radiator:
100 Watts of Fury!

WOMM-LP ‘The Radiator’ is a licensed noncommercial low power FM radio station located in Burlington Vermont. The station began broadcasting with 100 watts in the autumn of 2007 on the frequency of 105.9 FM with an effective broadcast range of approximately five miles from the antenna site, located in the center of Burlington’s downtown. In-between local DJs who produce an eclectic variety of shows, Big Heavy World plays Vermont-made music from its huge music archive.

Burlington Vermont is our home, and one of our favorite places in the whole world. It’s Vermont’s biggest city, for what that’s worth — there’s around 40,000 of us. Burlington has a vibrant arts community and legions of friendly hippies, snowboard manufacturers and craft breweries, rock-ribbed Republican woodchucks and one of the most active Progressive movements in the country. The Radiator’s programming shows off our diverse and creative community.

Our Mission

The Radiator’ is a nonprofit listener-supported media center generating and transmitting programming that fosters community awareness and civic engagement; encourages and promotes the creative public of the Burlington area; and provides a platform for multigenerational technical education and personal empowerment.

Live Stream

MP3 Streams:
Medium-Fi 128kbps | Hi-Fi 256kbps

Call the Station

(802) 861-9666

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The Weekly Radio Program Schedule

 Time SlotShow TitleDJ Name
“Big11am-1:30pmJammin' with Josh: A fun mix of different music from around the world. Some of Big J’s favorite music to play is Zydeco, Rock and Roll, Jazz, and classic Pop!Big J The DJ
“Bianka“/5pm-6pm (On hiatus) Alzheimer's & Dementia Insights: Important discussions, information and resources in the field of Alzheimer's and Dementia. This program brings experts and care teams together for an hour of education and support. Bianka LeGrand M.S, CDP, CDT
“DJ6pm-7pm (On hiatus)East Meets West:Board the Orient Express to experience the sounds of traditional instruments like Saz, Ney, Ud, Darbuka and their growing roots towards the modern sound of Rock, Pop, Electronic Music and Jazz. DJ Efé
“DJ7pm-8pm802 Music Scene: Interviews and live performances with the amazing musical talent of the state.DJ Drea Mae
“DJ10pm-MidnightPunching Machine: An examination at up-and-coming punk and hip hop while still paying homage to old school inspirations.DJ Spider & Jacob, that Zesty Boi
“Meghan11am-1pmRock 'n' Roll RadioMeghan & Maggie
Richard LeCompte2pm-4pm'Blue Suede Rock' explores the roots and growth of the heart and soul of Rock & Roll — the songs and the artists of the 50’s. 60’s 70’s with special emphasis on Elvis Presley, the King of Rock & Roll.Stone Hill
“Mr.5pm-6pm (On hiatus)'504 X 802' New Orleans by Vermont, celebrates the unique vibe of New Orleans from brass bands to Mardi Gras Indian chants, from R&B and rock to jazz and funk.Mr. Mike
10pm-MidnightGood Dreams w/ Malglico: Evocative and innovative soundscapes.Malglico
“Steve4pm-7:30pmBig Heavy World's Band House: An after school drop-in for teens.
“LFTF”7:30pm-8pmLive From The Fort (Pre-recorded live performances of local bands in the VPR performance studio).Produced by VPR
“Tom8pm-10pmRocket Shop: Big Heavy World's Local Music Radio Hour.Tom Proctor
“Big11am-1:30pmJammin' with Josh: A fun mix of different music from around the world. Some of Big J’s favorite music to play is Zydeco, Rock and Roll, Jazz, and classic Pop!Big J The DJ
“Mister10pm-MidnightWords & Verbs: A journey through Hip Hop. Exploring all aspects of the music and culture. A strong dedication to local and regional artists including in studio interviews.Mister Burns
“Patricia10am-12pmPort of Vermont ReportPatricia Braine
“DJ12pm-2pmThe Music That Never Stopped: A bodacious mix of hip-hop, funk, and jam band like material to keep you groovin’ DJ Mad Mellow
“Flag2pm-3pmThe Sports Machine: The best classic rock and country hits from the 50s through today sprinkled with a little pop and the latest news from the world of sports.Flag Fanatic
“Big3pm-5pmBHW AfterschoolBig Heavy World
“DJ5pm-7pmDulcet Tones: Artists from all over the alternative spectrum — indie to punk to shoegaze to diyDJ Tanner
“F.P.9am-2pmThe How We Rose Enlightenment Show: All things to all people. Non dual evolution through conscious transgression. Hone your duck call technique with the Masters.Hosted by F.P. Cassini & MC Formless, anchored by Mellotron Matt
“Dan”1pm-2pmShoegaze: Psychedelic grunge and shoegaze dream rock.DJ Anomylous
“Jah2pm-4pmThe Real Caribbean: Playing the latest Dancehall Reggae direct from Jamaica, including new artists, producers, & all the top names in the business.Jah Red
“Grace5pm-6pmPersonal Space: An anthology show that uses sound to explore the nuances of our private lives.Grace Pfeil
“DJ6pm-7pmLove Potion Number 105.9: Sultry songs for lovers and otherwise.DJ Foxtrot
“DJ10pm-1amHeavy Hitta's: Hip Hop, rap, R&B, reggae, dancehall and local artist interviews.DJ Flame
“The10am-1pmBootleggers Beware: Three hours of some of the best live cuts to be found. New, old, if it's live, anything goes!The Bootlegger
“Joel1pm-2pmMy Favorite Music: Hits and Stars of the '70s & '80sJoel Bertelson
“DJ2pm-4pmLive-Ish Station: New & old generations’ hits, with happy international music and interviews exposing Burlington’s talentDJ Fancy a.k.a Douka
“Mark6pm-9pmVamp 'Til Cue: Local music and community events and a variety of musical genres (50's-present day)Mark Kenney
9pm-1amLive Local Music from Light Club Lamp Shop (Coming soon!)
10am-12pmEqual Eyes Radio: A spotlight for local and not-so-local instrumentals, classic breaks and other influences in the history of Hip Hop.DJ ILLu Two
“Chris”12pm-2pmOptimystical SundaysChris & Win
“Vic”8pm-9pmThe Great ScapeVic Izzo
“Bill10pm-MidnightKings Corner: A forum for discussion on local and state topics, trends and turbulence.Bill King

When a DJ is not on-air, The Radiator plays music by Vermont artists.

What you just heard…

Current Show
Current DJ
DJ Bio WOMM-LP Automation is the friendly robot who plays Vermont-made music from Big Heavy World's VT music archive whenever our human DJs are out picking flowers.
Time Title Artist Album Label Genre
06:07pm 04 Woodshedding Wren Kitz For Evelyn n/s n/s
06:05pm Near America Jason Baker America Dreams n/s n/s
06:02pm Angela Carter Cricket Blue Io n/s n/s
05:57pm Autumn Leaves Emily Nyman By Request n/s n/s
05:54pm By Suicide David Rosane and the Zookeepers Book of Zoo n/s n/s
05:50pm lord knows i'm crying The Beautiful Ride Never Mind Nirvana, it's the Beautiful Ride n/s n/s
05:46pm Warriors Metamorph E T H E R n/s n/s
05:39pm The Ride Madaila The Dance n/s n/s
05:37pm Over Montpelier Chimneys Mr. Wilcox Mr. Wilcox n/s n/s
05:32pm Track 13 Magic Carpet Music Disk 2 n/s n/s
05:27pm Each Step Senayit Whiskey n/s n/s
05:23pm Soft Opening; or, Wake Up And Go Berserk ouzkxqlzn ouzkxqlzn n/s n/s
05:20pm You Can't Lose What You Never Had Duane Carleton Rust n/s n/s
05:12pm Quinkleberry The Edd I'm With Bob n/s n/s
05:05pm Tam Lin (Child 39) Anaïs Mitchell Child Ballads n/s n/s
05:01pm Women At The Wall Emma Back Little World n/s n/s
04:58pm Catch And Release Clever Girls Luck n/s n/s
04:54pm Masterpiece Phil Yates No Need To Beg n/s n/s
04:51pm Ba Doom ! David Rosane and the Zookeepers Book of Zoo n/s n/s
04:48pm Slant 6 Michaeal Hahn Band Green Mountain Shuffle n/s n/s
04:43pm Saved Near North Most Every Night n/s n/s
04:38pm New World jinxbox Unmuttered n/s n/s
04:35pm In A Small Town Duane Carleton American Boy n/s n/s
04:32pm Colorful Girls Dwight Shine On n/s n/s
04:28pm Z Time METAMORPH E T H E R n/s n/s

Be a DJ on The Radiator!

Burlington’s community radio station 105.9FM welcomes everyone of every age and experience to bring your creative spirit and friendship to the radio waves at ‘The Radiator.’ New DJ orientations are hosted weekly and you don’t need to know anything about radio to get involved – we’ll teach and cheerlead until you’re boldly sharing your interests, music, talk, or mime with the rest of Burlington. If you like community radio but not microphones, you’re welcome to volunteer at the Radiator or Big Heavy World, the independent music office that hosts and manages the station, helping us manage and grow our inclusive, nonprofit organization.

If you’d like to tour the station and get the official 20-minute “New DJ Orientation” experience before making a decision to join the on-air staff, send the info below.

First, here’s a few things to know:

  • The Radiator prefers not to duplicate programming found on other local radio stations. Play Top 40 pop or Country Hits if you want, but mix it up with deep album cuts or songs that broaden our local audience’s experience of the genre. We worked very hard to get a license to broadcast to our community and we don’t want to waste it.
  • All programming on The Radiator is local. It’s OK to call it “hyper-local,” even. We don’t syndicate shows produced outside of Vermont, but this probably wouldn’t bother you since you’re asking if you can come do a show.
  • Shows are one or two-hours long, on a regular weekly schedule. Be prepared to commit to that if you have a show.
  • Talk shows are AWESOME. Don’t be shy. YOU’RE awesome. (And spoken word, performance art, and radio theater are pretty neat, too).

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What kind of show would you like to do? (Any other comments are welcome, too!)

Your Message

  • 100 Watts of Fury!

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The Broadcast Area

A plot of our broadcast area generated by VPR engineer Mike Seguin with the Nautel RF Radio toolkit, based on the WOMM-LP antenna at 91m ASL, 240 watts TPO with -3.8 dB loss and car radio reception.

Broadcast Coverage Map

Our Sister Station

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