Radiator LogoWOMM-LP ‘The Radiator’ is a licensed noncommercial low power FM radio station located in Burlington Vermont. The station began broadcasting with 100 watts in the autumn of 2007 on the frequency of 105.9 FM. The Radiator serves the surrounding community by creating locally oriented programming, filling the void left by regional and national networks whose markets are too broad to permit this social and geographic focus. Between local DJs who produce an eclectic variety of shows Big Heavy World plays Vermont-made music from its huge music archive.

Our Mission

‘The Radiator’ is a nonprofit listener-supported media center generating and transmitting programming that fosters community awareness and civic engagement; encourages and promotes the creative public of the Burlington area; and provides a platform for multigenerational technical education and personal empowerment.

What is Low-Power FM?

The FCC established LPFM as a noncommercial educational service to create opportunities for new voices on the airwaves and to allow local groups to provide programming responsive to local community needs and interests. In 1978 the FCC repealed the Class D licenses that once permitted low-power FM stations in the United States. After two decades of pirate radio broadcasts and persistent grass-roots lobbying, FCC chairman (and low-power radio enthusiast) William E. Kennard opened a one-time 30-day application window for licensed 100 watt noncommercial radio stations. Protest from the National Association of Broadcasters has since eliminated nearly all of the remaining LPFM bandwidth in metropolitan areas. The Radiator is the only chance Burlington will be given to develop this opportunity.

Where is Burlington?

Burlington Vermont is our home, and one of our favorite places in the whole world. It’s Vermont’s biggest city, for what that’s worth—there’s around 40,000 of us. Burlington has a vibrant arts community and legions of friendly hippies, snowboard manufacturers and craft breweries, rock-ribbed Republican woodchucks and one of the most active Progressive movements in the country. The Radiator’s effective broadcast range is approximately five miles from the antenna site, located on the corner of College Street and South Winooski Avenue in the center of Burlington’s downtown.

Get involved!

Be a DJ! Go here to get started. Go on – don’t be shy!

Our Sister Station

Our Sister radio station is WOMR-FM – Outermost Community Radio in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Some History:

The Radiator is a program of The Big Heavy World Foundation, Inc., a Vermont nonprofit corporation located at 404 Pine St, Burlington, VT 05401, co-founded in collaboration with Lee Anderson, proprietor of Radio Bean.

The WOMM-LP license was issued to our fiscal agent, The Peace & Justice Center, 21 Church Street, Burlington, VT 05401, on September 23, 2004.

WOMM-LP Broadcast Area

A plot of our broadcast area generated by VPR engineer Mike Seguin with the Nautel RF Radio toolkit, based on the WOMM-LP antenna at 91m ASL, 240 watts TPO with -3.8 dB loss and car radio reception.