Swale, “Beaten Down” (Official Music Video)

BEATEN DOWN by Swale from Swale on Vimeo.

From the 2014 album, "The Next Instead" // http://swalesong.com

Shot on January 31, 2015 at the Northern New England Golden Gloves of Vermont.
Fighters: Anna Gagnon (red) v. Hannah Rodrigue (black/white)
Camera: Shem Roose // http://shemroose.com
Edit: Eric Olsen

Vinyl: http://swale.bigcartel.com/product/the-next-instead-lp
Bandcamp: https://swale.bandcamp.com
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-next-instead/id916756480

BHW Van at Good News Garage

Farewell, Worthy Steed! May We Meet Again In The Really Big Garage In The Sky!

Words and photos by James Lockridge.

‘HEAVY 1′, the first of the BHW tour van fleet, has found its home in the sky. HEAVY 1 was respectfully loaded up by Armand Rathe and given its final rest at Rathe’s Auto Salvage last week. Big Heavy sends big thanks to everyone who helped make the BHW loaner tour van project possible. The vans brought Vermont bands from one side of the country to the other, from Canada to Florida, and opened up the possibilities for sharing what we’ve got with the lucky venues across the United States. Vermont bands might not have voyaged that far without the no-cost 15-passenger vans and the project was too fun and successful to end now, so we’ve started the hunt for ‘HEAVY 3.’

Van & Rathe's


Waylon Speed & Lowell Thompson Light the Rockets… TX Bound!

Photos by James Lockridge.

Thank you Vanessa Misciagna, Oli Birgisson and the crew of WPTZ News Channel 5 for their coverage of Waylon Speed and Lowell Thompson‘s launch to Austin, Texas. The Big Heavy World Vermont Music Showcase is Saturday 3/21 at The Trophy Club on 6th Street in Austin during SXSW. For the news story and video, see http://www.wptz.com/news/state-showcase-at-sxsw/31835884

3/21: VT Bands Showcase State’s Talent, Tenacity at USA’s Largest Music Festival

Six Vermont bands are headed to Texas to represent the state’s musical diversity and potent talent, sharing a stage at the nation’s largest music industry event, SXSW. They’ll perform at The Trophy Club, 310 East 6th Street, Austin, Texas on Saturday, March 21, 8pm.

Vermont’s cultural ambassadors include Waylon SpeedThe DuPont Brothers, Lowell Thompson, Zero Circle,  Get A Grip, and The Snaz. The showcase rises from cooperation between the SXSW producers and Big Heavy World, Vermont’s independent, volunteer-run music office, with additional support from the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing.

SXSW (“South by Southwest”), the legendary music festival presented annually in Austin, Texas, is the country’s most prominent opportunity for musicians to interact with the music industry. For the artists who apply to perform, acceptance is an authentication of their talent and a gateway to exposure and opportunity.

Big Heavy World’s SXSW Vermont Music Showcase is a project to stake an aggressive claim for the State of Vermont on behalf of its singular, deeply artful, identity.

Vermont excels at harnessing its identity to advance economic development; it has years of commitment to exposing its scenic agriculture, active lifestyle industries, and artisan foods to the wider national (and international) community of travelers and consumers. And the state has room to grow: It has not yet seized on the infinite resource of its creative community, reflecting its arts and culture to the world as a signal of creative diversity, quality, and originality. Vermont is a fountain of uniqueness, and the state will shine brilliantly as this is revealed to the world. Big Heavy World has established an opportunity to light this bright flare at SXSW.

Music is a key cultural resource: It’s portable, understandable, inspiring, marketable, and accessible. It’s nearly miraculous in its ability to proclaim ‘specialness’ and define a region. Vermont’ music community is also a fertile environment for building community, drawing it together in support of local musicians, cheerleading their cultural champions — and performances are an engine for expanding social capital.

Vermont’s showcase bands all applied to perform at SXSW, making the immense personal investment of traveling to Texas to share their art. Vermonters can support their efforts by contributing to their travel expenses at bigheavyworld.com where there are links to a PayPal donation page and Indiegogo campaign.

 Donate to Indiegogo Campaign to Support VT Bands’ Travel Costs to TX!  

For more information about the bands, visit their web sites:

Waylon Speed, waylonspeed.com
The DuPont Brothers, dupontbrothersmusic.com
Lowell Thompson, lowellthompson.com
Zero Circle, zerocirclemusic.bandcamp.com
Get a Grip, facebook.com/getagripvt
The Snaz, reverbnation.com/thesnaz

Vermont’s music showcase delegation to SXSW was selected by a panel of individuals who have invested time and purpose in the success of Vermont’s arts and culture, and created a lineup of artists that represented strengths in their originality and dedication to making the best of an opportunity like this, for all of Vermont’ s music community. The panelists were Kari Anderson, Managing Producer for VPR Classical, Vermont Public Radio; Dan Bolles, Music Editor, Seven Days; Alex Budney, President, Nectar’s Presents & Partner, Nectar’s Entertainment Group; Steve Cook, Deputy Commissioner of Tourism, VT Dept. Tourism & Marketing; Brent Hallenbeck, Arts & Entertainment Writer, Burlington Free Press; Meg Hammond, Events Manager, Goddard College; and James Lockridge, Executive Director of Big Heavy World.

Vermont’s AUSTINauts:

Waylon Speed

Waylon Speed

Outlaw dirt rock from Vermont: While Waylon Speed is not influenced by mainstream music, they integrate each members individual influences to achieve a truly unique genre that’s all their own. They’ve won awards from both the New England Music Awards for “Vermont’s Best Band”, and Seven Days newspaper’s annual Daisy Award for “Best Americana Band”. Waylon Speed released their second full-length record Kin in 2014, followed by a national tour.

“Waylon Speed is a cross between Metallica and the Lumineers, with an unnecessary dash of Prince showmanship.” — Washington Post


DuPont Brothers

The DuPont Brothers

Two brothers reunite after years of geographical separation by a fortified collaboration in music. Blending the contemplative winters of the northeast with the solitary beauty of southwestern desert, Sam and Zack DuPont are now coconspirators in a shared passion that runs deep in their family. This Burlington Vermont duo has hit the ground running since the formation of the group in March of 2013. The brothers have recently shared the stage with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Ben Sollee, Gin Wigmore, Chris Thomas King, Langhorne Slim, Howie Day and The Lone Bellow to name a few. Lush finger-style guitar work is complimented by elegant prose and a vocal blend that could only be matched by blood relation. The sound is Vermont made Folk-Americana.

“Together the duPont Brothers resonate at just the right frequency. There were moments that honestly gave me chills.” — Dan Bolles, Seven Days

Lowell Thompson

Lowell Thompson

Dark winters up north, an encyclopedic knowledge of Americana mixed with punk rock sensibilities, and a heart easily broken (and re-broken) make for songs and shows that are crushing and redemptive.

It’s easy to understand why Lowell Thompson and his band Crown Pilot are getting hailed as the “next big thing” for the alt-country set. It’s hard to find a review that doesn’t include favorable comparisons to the likes of Gram Parsons, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, vintage Rolling Stones, and the various Americana revivalists that used to grace the cover of No Depression. While there’s truth to the hype, the fact is that Thompson’s music is informed as much by the names above as it is by less expected sources like Fugazi and Elvis Costello.

Thompson’s latest album entitled “Lowell Thompson and Crown Pilot” features volunteered contributions by local Vermonter’s like Phish’s Page McConnell (piano), Grace Potter (backing vocals) and Son Volt’s Mark Spencer (lap steel). The record has been garnering positive media attention at home, nationally (including Rolling Stone) and in the press across the Atlantic.

“Inspired Alt-Country.” — Rolling Stone


Zero Circle

Zero Circle

Fresh off the release of their self-titled debut, Zero Circle have already begun to make a name for themselves in the Vermont music scene. Performing with such notable acts as Drowningman, Rough Francis, and Swale, Zero Circle continue to challenge audiences and themselves, finding as much inspiration from their hardcore and punk roots as they do from R&B, rock and pop. Boasting former members of Burlington’s own Alive & Well and The Urgency, Zero Circle have brought everything they’ve learned to the table, honing their abilities as songwriters and performers. Inspired by Rumi’s poem of the same name, Zero Circle has no agenda, no genre, and no limits.

“Vocalist Tyler Gurwicz has chops on top of chops…he is always in control, delivering soaring lines with seeming ease.” — Dan Bolles, Seven Days


Get A Grip

Get A Grip

Formed in early 2011 in Rutland, Vermont, Get A Grip has proven to be a major player in the Vermont and New England hardcore and punk scene. Through their hard work and dedication and a D.I.Y. outlook, the band has been playing shows with iconic acts such as Bad Religion, the Offspring, Pennywise, the Vandals, Bane, Trial and more. The band has a clear stance against bullying, injustice of all kinds, and self destruction amongst many other things. Get A Grip has proven that the Green Mountain State has more to offer than just jam bands and maple syrup.


The Snaz

The Snaz

The Snaz are four Vermont teenagers, Dharma Ramirez (16, singer, guitarist and songwriter), Mavis Eaton (16, keyboardist), Zack James (14, drums) and Nina Singleton-Spencer (15, bass). The band started in 2011 with a bunch of songs and few local gigs. In the fall of 2012, the Snaz gained the attention of Grammy award winning music producer, Peter Solley, who has been working with them ever since. When the Snaz won the Brattleboro Battle of the Bands, their prize was recording time at the world-class Guilford Sound studio in Guilford, Vermont. The resulting CD in the spring of 2013 produced a hit tune, “Anna”, which was the #2 song on Northampton’s WRSI 93.9 “Top 93 songs of 2013” and is still played regularly on 93.9 The River. The “Anna” youtube video got over 7,000 views. The Snaz were featured on VPR’s Vermont Edition radio program and the VPR 2013 Annual Music Show and gained national attention as finalists in the NPR Studio 360 Battle of the High School Bands. They were interviewed by Joan Holliday on The River Sound Café and twice by Phish on WTSA’s In the Morning show. Notable gigs included the Iron Horse (Northampton, MA), Radio Bean (Burlington, VT), Next Stage (Putney, VT), Upper Valley Music Festival (Turners Falls, MA), Keene Music Festival (Keene, NH), and The WRSI River Block Party (Amherst, MA). In short time, the Snaz have evolved into an all-original, super solid, indie-rock band.

“It’s every disc jockey’s dream to pop in an unknown record by an unknown band and then hear something that makes you believe that you may have discovered the next big thing. You like it so much you rush to the radio to play it for everyone. That’s what happened when I heard The Snaz’s “Anna.”” — Monty Belmonte – WRSI The River


Coquette 25 Feb 2015 on Rocket Shop

Words by Jess Slayton. Photo by Morgan Laurie-Day.

Last Wednesday, Cobalt, Titien, and Angus of Coquette sat down with Big Heavy World’s Brent on our local music radio show Rocket Shop on 105.9 The Radiator!  Although all three now live in the Randolph area, Cobalt and Titien lived in France until they were five and four years old, respectively.  They were brought up listening to metal, glam, and specifics like Alanis Morissette, Iggy Pop, and David Bowie, all of which have contributed to who they are as artists today.  Angus was born in Randolph and now lives in Hartland.  He grew up listening to and being influenced by the New York punk scene, the Velvet Underground, and English punk.  If there is one thing that can be said about Coquette, it is the fact that they incorporate many of their incredibly diverse influences and interests into their music.

The trio stated that they spend a lot of time on composition, lyric writing, and the successful usage of polyrhythms in their work.  They call themselves a rock band, but really attempt to keep it interesting by pushing boundaries while still staying simple enough to really rock out and have an awesome time to.  They got their start in 2013 by playing in talent shows and open mic nights—they said that they really owe their early success to Sweet Melissa’s in Montpelier.  Their EP, titled Separatio—which is Latin for “division” or “schism”—is titled as such due to the fact that it was written while the three were all over the place, largely working on their own parts in solitude and based off of the work that the others had done and sent over.  This was during the time that the three tried going to college, but decided against continuing for the time being due to the fact that the band was more important to them.  All three agreed that they could always go back to college, and that their success as a band was more time sensitive and worth pursuing.  They plan to start touring for the first time and getting involved in more festivals. Check them out Saturday, February 28 at Higher Ground where they will be playing with Consider the Source! For more info visit http://bandnamedcoquette.com


The Tsunamibots 25 Feb 2015 on Rocket Shop

Words by Jess Slayton. Photo by Morgan Laurie-Day.

Last Wednesday, Tom and Chris sat down with Big Heavy World’s Brent on behalf of the Tsunamibots on our local music radio show Rocket Shop on 105.9 The Radiator! The duo hails from Mad River Valley and serve as the creators-turned-slaves of the robots. The final creator, Ben, was unable to join us as he was busy recharging the robots—as any good slave would be expected to do! You may be wondering, “how did this happen…” and trust me, so were we! Tom and Chris told us that back in January 2013, the trio decided to start tinkering around with robotics and managed to create three of their very own, Tomadore64, The Main Frame, and The Master Circuit. After being exposed to things like “The Endless Summer” and the surf Pandora radio station, the robots became aware. They realized that the word “robot” comes from the Latin word for “slave” and quickly decided that that was not the life for them. Since then, they’ve realized that their only true passions are rocking out, surfing, and crushing humans.

The Tsunamibots don’t really care if you like them or hate them, because they’re robots and have no feelings. They do, however, have distinct personalities. Tomadore64, the guitarist, is your typical lead man. His main goals include searching for fem-bots and for the perfect wave. The Main Frame, the bassist, is a little bit more reluctant and thinks of rocking and finding enjoyment from it as a bit more of a task to do. Finally, the Master Circuit, the drummer, is totally wild but definitely knows how to keep a solid beat. They do enjoy playing shows and have released one single and one EP thus far. The EP—Rise of the Robots—chronicles their story and their rise to awareness. The single—Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age—really just talks about rocking and surfing as a robot, which is appropriate given how important these things are to the three of them. Their main influences are Devo and Man or Astroman?, both of which are readily apparent in their style. In all of their music, however, there are many subliminal messages aimed at fellow robots, appliances, and machines urging others to rise up, follow in their footsteps, and crush as many humans as possible.   Come check them out on March 9th and join the rebellion. You will probably only be crushed if you stand in the front. For more info visit http://www.tsunamibots.com/

Cricket Blue

Cricket Blue 11 Feb 2015 on Rocket Shop

Words by Maggie DeCapua. Photo by Sophie Ward.

Cricket Blue, the Burlington-based folk duo, joined Brent Hallenback at the Radiator for Rocket Shop on February 11. Cricket Blue brings together the musical talents of Underhill native Laura Heaberlin and Taylor Smith with haunting harmonies and poetic lyrics. Heaberlin and Smith have been making music together for over five years, and released their first EP in October. On the Radiator, the two talked to Hallenback about upcoming releases, future plans, and world domination.  “I don’t know if I’d like to dominate the world,” said Smith, “but infiltrate it, maybe.” Cricket Blue will be bringing their music to the area once again on March 5, when they perform at Barrio Bakery. For more info visit http://cricketbluemusic.com/